Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Shishupal fires Joku.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode Joku asks Shishupal about everyone else, they need to start the work. Hitesh and others come to the shop. Joku questions them for being late, they have to work. Shishupal asks Joku to go home.

Bhim Rao was thinking about Ramji telling him about Hitesh and other talking to Vaijnath, he sensed Joku being in danger. He tells Rama that Vaijnath was talking to everyone else except Joku. Rama question, why would Vaijnath trouble his own man. Bhim Rao knows that powerful people don’t care about other, all Vaijnath wants to do right now is to trouble the chawl people. Bhim Rao detects Joku being in some trouble.

Shishupal tells Joku that he has bee fired. Joku pleads, he works with dedications. Shishupal calls Joku lazy and his work pathetic. Joku begs Hitesh to support him. Hitesh recalled Vaijnath talking to him, he agrees with Shishupal. Joku asks others to tell Shishupal. Janardan recalls Vaijnath, he calls Joku an idler. Joku complains, blames everyone for conspiring against him. he wants everyone to tell where they disappeared. Shishupal asks Joku to disappear. Joku begs, he has no other place to earn, cries and pleads not to be fired.
Bhim Rao and Rama search for Joku, he wasn’t home. They went to the shop to find him.

Joku begs his people to support him. Shishupal starts beating him for not leaving. Joku accepts getting beaten, requests not to be fired. Manohar asks Hitesh and Janardan to do something. Hitesh loved his job more, Janardan supports Hitesh.

Bhim Rao saw Joku and Shishupal. Shishupal strikes again asking Joku to leave or he will be killed. Bhim Rao stops Shishupal; he forbids him from hurting Joku more. Bhim Rao helps Joku who refuse to go, he wants to solve this issue. Rama questions Joku. Shishupal refuses to hire a shirker. Bhim Rao questions Joku for accepting his disrespect. Bhim Rao drags Joku home, he continues to struggle.

Jijabai serves Ramji tea, asks if its nice. Jijabai tells that asking Meera before was a good option, she didn’t have to throw any food to waste. Ramji should ask Meera daily about her plans of brining something over. Ramji reminds Jijabai about Meera’s words about her destroying every relation. Jijabai tends to know that job very well, its takes someone very special to heal the broken. Jijabai should at least try to mend the broken. Jijabai agrees, she will think on it. She sits near Ramji suggesting to visit the sea, they will talk to each other, Ramji can help her a little more. Ramji refuse, she can not do that. Jijabai reminds that she is trying to heal their relationship but Ramji isn’t cooperating. Ramji knows Jijabai very well; they have been married a long time. Jijabai will go the sea today and wait for Ramji, its okay if he comes otherwise will return home next morning. Ramji questions, its Jijabai’s love. She will leave after making him dinner so he doesn’t think of her being lazy. Ramji refuse to be part of her dramas. Jijabai is not acting this time, this is her love and she will get her love.
Bhim Rao bring Joku home. Phuliya questions. Joku replies, he has no issues being beaten by his boss. Phuliya questions Shishupal’s audacity to hurt Joku. He replies that the superior has the right to hit, just like he hits Phuliya in anger. Anand and Lakshmi condemn Joku hurting Phuliya and Shishupal hurting Joku. Joku has no issue, he lost his job with no one to give him alcohol. Bhim Rao questions, he curse him for working for alcohol rather than earing bread for his family. Joku had enough of Bhim Rao. Phuliya makes Joku sit down. Maloji tells Joku that he has been trapped, they make others addict which no one can escape. Jijabai needs to focus on her play.

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Jijabai goes to Shoba; she called her inside to talk about something. Jijabai has brought Shoba some new saree to stitch it for her. Shoba looks at Meera. Jijabai tells Shoba about her plan to visit sea with her husband. Meera asks Jijabai if she plans to sink her relationship in the sea. Shoba refuse to stitch those sarees. Jijabai taunts Shoba for not liking someone having good time with her husband, has she some haste for not being able to spend quality time with her husband. Shoba asks Jijabai to leave. Jijabai thought of Shoba getting some money in return, she earns herself. Shoba taunts, Joku used to earn as well. Jijabai doesn’t drink so nothing similar would happen to him.

Bhim Rao wants everyone to understand that Vaijnath wants to make everyone like Maloji, an addict.

Vaijnath knows that Bhim Rao would have figured out his plan, he will make everyone a Maloji. Bhim Rao kidnapped his men, Vaijnath will turn entire chawl into addicts.