Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Bala demands that Ramji should talk with Bhim regarding Puran

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Deepak is studying when he says that only Bhim can do this as he fought the case of Puran then brought him into his house, his mother says they have to learn something that he is Bhim Rao because of what he does, and she says even Deepak should be like this so everyone should remember him, Deepak assures he would do whatever he can even if it is not like Bhim.

Bhim is setting the bed for Puran outside his house and asks him to come and sit, Bhim then sits in front of Puran informing that his father sleeps here while if Puran feels lonely then he can even go there to sleep with his father but Puran says that it is fine. Puran mentions he is after a long time seeing the night from a bed and when he was in jail after everyone slept he would wonder if he would be able to leave this jail, he lived with the desire to go out and see the stars but after a while he had lost all hope thinking he would die one day but then Bhim came and gave him hope so that night did not come when he would die, he prays that such a night never comes in the life of an innocent from their class, Bhim says this is what he desires and is the reason he is fighting this war even if it is difficult, Puran says that he felt the people from his class should get the right but after being in the jail he felt they should get justice as the most important thing is not wealth but just justice. Bhim agrees with Puran mentioning he would always remember this as the most important thing is not about wealth but justice.

Rama is cooking when Ramji asks her to put some extra dish, Bala comes saying she should even give some extra chilli and pickles, Ramji asks Bala why is he talking like this so Bala says they would have to take extra care, Ramji informs that he is their guest and they have to take care of him, Bala says that he did not like the desire of Bhim and Rama to feed people from the money that their daughter in laws make, Rama comes saying they will correct this mistake so asks Karuna to take the food saying had she told her then she would not have decided to take the food. Karuna leaves when Bala asks Ramji to either tell Puran to look out for himself or that Bhim and Rama should feed Puran so Rama says that she will tell Bhim but Bala says that Rama would not say anything since baba is the elder of this house and then would say it, otherwise he would leave this house. Jija Bai exclaims that Bhim thought he would become honored after getting justice for Puran but he would be the reason that the relations of this house shatter when Rama agrees with Bala telling Ramji to tell Bhim first thing in the morning. Bala apologizes to Rama for what he said, she replies that he should not be sorry for what he said since he is honest. Jija Bai stops Rama from going inside saying she can cry right here, Rama asks Jija Bai why is she manipulating Bala and Karuna when it is not the right thing, Jija Bai says that she really enjoys it because Karuna would now take the food for Puran who will praise him.

Karuna hands Puran the food when he asks if Rama is fine hearing this Karuna gets furious. Bhim informs she is the wife of his elder brother Bala, Puran praises Bhim for having a life partner like Rama as her behavior would be good with everyone in the house, Karuna leaves asking Puran to tell if he needs any other tortilla.

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Jija Bai says that Rama would be worried as for the first time another daughter in law will be praised when Rama asks why would she be bothered, Karuna also says tat they are all just praising her so Rama gets worried.

In the morning Lakshmi is working when she notices Karuna sleeping on the floor and recalls when she said why does Lakshmi want to take the credit for everything either in the office or in the house and she even ruined the clothes, Lakshmi even remembers when she offered to cut the vegetables but Karuna even had a problem with it. Rama notices lakshmi standing beside Karuna who is sleeping and asks what happened but Lakshmi replies that it is nothing however Rama says she knows her for so many years so asks what happened lakshmi replies what can she say as Karuna was always irritated by her but now after she got a higher post Karuna got even more jealous. Rama says that Jija Bai is teaching her everything when lakshmi says she still loves her a lot, lakshmi tries to correct the quilt of Karuna who wakes up questioning what is she trying to do and asks if lakshmi thinks she would win her heart, she warns that there is no need to show her love. Rama explains that Lakshmi di really loves her and was just covering her when Karuna replies that they both have gotten together to say against her. Rama replies that she has never said anything of the sort but Jija Bai enters explaining that Rama is educated in this house and whatever she says would be true, lakshmi asks Rama to come with her as they both have decided to always fight with them so they should leave, Karuna also orders them to leave as she would not start liking them, Karuna offers to clean the house when Jija Bai exclaims she will clean it by herself as for the first time the morning has been troublesome for the people in this house when Karuna says that if she has the support of jija Bai then would surely take care of everyone.

Puran asks Nandu if he can get some flowers when Deepak asks what would he do with the flowers, Puran informs that he lost all his family at once in a fire and was not even able to perform the last rites so has thought about flowing the flowers at the sea, Puran informs he would give the money for these flowers after a while but Nandu asks how can he take money from him, Manohar and Jaggu say that he should take it as he would get everything for free and even Phulari comes saying that the free tea has come for him, she mentions she has brought this tea for her husband but Puran can have the free tea. Rama offers the tea to Puran who says that he would not have it right now so everyone agrees when Puran replies he will have the tea after coming back from performing the last rites of her family because he knows what the neighbors are like as they were the same in his neighborhood. Deepak offers to also come with Puran and they both leave.

Bhim tells Rama he is leaving when the aunt mentions he should work with immense concentration as there are very few people who go to work in the same place hearing which Bhim agrees when Bala enters saying that Baba wants to talk with him about something, Ramji entering the house is thinking about what Bala said to him while everyone else is waiting for him.

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