Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao fights the robbers.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode, Ramji joins to help Rama and others. Rama doesn’t need a lot of people to make food for one person. Ramji asks her to cook the food, everyone will stay with her to make Bhim Rao realize that everyone used to work for him. He will be thankful that will bind family and relationships for him. Bhim Rao will always remember. Jijabai wants him to get fired, become the most helpless person, someone people don’t want to be like.

Rama cooks food, Hitesh notices Ramji’s family being outside. He calls his friends to watch them. Janardan advises everyone to leave after Bhim Rao. They will cover their faces and keep a knife with them to kill injure Bhim Rao if needed. Hitesh wants everyone to see how Ramji has made his entire family work for one son. Phuliya calls it a values and intentions, Joku never did anything for himself. Hitesh questions Phuliya for worrying her husband. Phuliya got worried after not finding her husband in bed. She cannot sleep now, went to help Rama. Hitesh asks Joku to give Phuliya a treatment.

The manager confirms from Vaijnath if his men will be able to do the job. Vaijnath assures. The manager tells his men that another men will accompany him today. The other worker belonged to upper caste, who doesn’t like the lower caste as well. The manager informed them about the plan. The man agrees, the need to get rid of Bhim Rao soon, he blames him for his mother getting sick.

Bala questions Anand, everyone gathers to lecture him while they are all working together for Bhim Rao. Jijabai serves them tea, tells that everyone in this house supports Bhim Rao blindly. Like everyone accuses Jijabaai for being his enemy. Anand must be raised in manner to always support Bhim Rao. Anand asks her not to manipulate him. Bala agrees with Jijabai.

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Everyone packs food for Bhim Rao. He will consider it a debt on him that he will return one day. Bhim Rao leaves and so does Hitesh and others.
Lakshmi and Karuna come inside to see their husbands having tea. Anand put the cup down, he questions Lakshmi for being blind for not seeing the cup. Lakshmi questions. Anand asks if she sees nothing except Bhim Rao’s problems. Lakshmi blames her for being manipulated by Bala and Jijabai. Anand orders her to pick the cup. Lakshmi refuse to do so, it’s the same as Bala and Karuna’s situation, and he wants her to work for him to satisfy his ego. Lakshmi leaves, Karuna follows. Jijabai ignites Anand, Lakshmi went out to tell Rama everything. She thinks that Rama and Bhim Rao are hurting everyone while being unreachable themselves.

Hitesh and his friends follow Bhim Rao to hurt him. They need to be fast and quiet, maintain a balance. Anand needs to keep a balance between the relationships.

Bhim Rao enters the office, the workers weren’t there. He puts his lunch on table, grabs the file. Hitesh and his friends barge in the office to steal. Bhim Rao fights, he needs to protect the paper. Bhim Rao threatens them with a lethal chemical that can kill anyone in an instant. He forces them to unveil their faces. Vaijnath waits outside, the manager wonders what’s happening insidea. Vaijnath is sure about his victory because Bhim Rao has been outnumbered.

The Episode Ends.