Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shishupal gets spice in his eyes.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode, Bhim Rao and his chawl members complete the challenge. Ramji tells Vaijnath. Purushottam and Deepak come shouting the same slogan. Deepak tells that his father changed. Ramji takes Bala, Karuna and Anand to hospital. Bhim Rao asks everyone to rest for a while. Shishupal considers this the right opportunity to throw spice into everyone’s eyes, especially Bhim Rao. Vaijnath sends Shishupal, he was about to throw the spice, but Seva Ram Baba stops him. Seva and Shishupal hustle, resultantly the spice gets into Shishupal’s eyes. He starts screaming for water, men carry Shishupal to the hospital. Vaijnath threatens Seva for doing so. Bhim Rao sends everyone to hospital with Rama, Bhim Rao will come after completing some errands.

In the hospital, the lower caste was seated on the floor while Shishupal rested on the bed. Shishupal cried in pain; Vaijnath called the doctor. The doctor says that he will recover in two days. Seva wants to know from whom between the lower and upper caste would recover first. The doctor cannot say much, they both suffer from the same problem hence would require equal time to recover. They were all asked to go home. Bhim Rao shows Vaijnath that his son was walking with support like Karuna, Bala and Anand and that they will take equal time to recover. He wants to tell that everything is same between the lower and upper caste, Vaijnath’s obduracy is above all. The difference of caste is subjective to opinion. Bhim Rao asks for his job back to eradicate all difference. Shishupal refrains to listen so. Vaijnath wants Bhim Rao to file a report against Shishupal but leaves his dream of getting the job back behind. Bhim Rao was trying to convince him politely. Vaijnath refuses to listen, he will create a bigger chaos, shows that Bim Rao’s team has more victims than his. Vaijnath leaves. Seva wants Bhim Rao to fight.

Vaijnath assures Shishupal that his revenge will be taken, he will put an end to Bhim Rao’s fight. He sends Vaipal to the lower caste to deliver a message. Vaijnath will burn the brooms.

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Bhim Rao never thought that these brooms could be a weapon, they would surely win now. Ramji assures, no matter what the weapon, the intention and strength to fight matters. Rama cannot imagine the height to which his husband’s cause has reached. Anand feels proud for having a share in this cause. Bhim Rao praise Bala, Karuna and Anand for their effort. Rama suggests taking them home. Bala refuses, he wants to stay intact, Karuna and Aanand comply. Bhim Rao questions, he cannot ask them to work in this condition. Bala thinks that they can accompany them in chanting the slogan and raising other’s motivation. Bhim Rao agrees, takes everyone home.

Hitesh thinks that it’s Bhim Rao’s tactic to make everyone work for him. He persuaded Purushottam with that tactic. Janardan laughs, Purushottam will end up like Bala, Karuna and Anand. Meera taunts them for sitting idle, they should do something like Bala and Anand. Jijabai interrupts, Meera can let everyone sacrifice themselves for Bhim Rao. Hitesh assures that they will never support Bhim Rao. Janardan and Manohar stand with Jijabai, they will never praise Bhim Rao. Jijabai wonders who will praise someone who wanders around like an idiot. Meera assures that everyone will do that, she has witnessed Bhim Rao’s success since childhood. Hitesh has seen the world as well; Bhim Rao is lucky to be alive because his fights with upper caste is no less than a death bed. Meera is proud to be Bhim Rao’s aunt.
The chawl members clean the road on their way back home, at night.

Vaijnath doesn’t like Bhim Rao’s stubbornness to sweep the floor for an entire night.

Next morning, Bhim Rao thanks Purushottam for standing by his side. This is a fight for their caste, another thing is that Deepak has really matured otherwise he wouldn’t have released his father from jail. Rama requests Purushottam not to force anything on Deepak. Purushottam assures. Deepak’s proposed father-in-law hears Purushottam, decides to take revenge from him. Rama and Bhim Rao, they leave. The man comes questioning Purushottam, starts hitting him with the broom. Purushottam tells him his plan.

The Episode Ends.