Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim thinks of a plan to save both Puran and Jaggu

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Bhim gets up from his bed and starts walking towards the entrance of the Chawl, he asks his father to come outside as he wants to talk about something with him. Ramji after looking at everyone goes outside to Bhim, Jijabai asks what does he want to talk about as the life of Jaggu is at risk but he still wants to talk, Jija Bai asks Phulai to see what is the condition of Bhim Rao as he is not even able to make a decision for her husband Jaggu. Bhim says he cannot understand what to do as he has to take a tough decision so he should make it easy. Ramji says he wishes he could make it easy but Jaggu is their neighbor and he would have said it to Bala and Aanad but he has to say it to the intelligent Bhim, for whom everyone belonging to their class is his family so Bhim is the only one who has to make this decision. Bhim walks away while Ramji keeps staring at him but he is really tensed. Jija Bai says even his father was not able to convince him and Bhim should say clearly that he does not care if Jaggu dies, the neighbor says that Bhim always talks about unity but when they need his help today then he is standing there alone. Rama says that Bhim is never alone as she is always going to stand by his side,

Rama also goes to place the bed beside that of Bhim while he is still in the corner, she sits on it to wait for her husband when he returns, she is about to stand up when he asks her to remain seated. Bhim says that Baba said he has to make a decision but Rama says she would not ask him to decide as they both are one and must not separate, Bhim asks then she should tell him what he should decide, Rama says he is the one who must decide while she can just reveal the face, he asks her to show him the way s he cannot understand anything. Rama gets up asking Bhim Rao to stand and then they both sit on the floor, Rama says it is difficult for him to decide as Bhim Rao and now he should think while being in her shoes to find out what is right but the more important thing is what is the best, she twists his hands and they both start reciting the Mantar.

In the morning Jaggu while still being locked up exclaims they have rally beaten him a lot so he keeps crying, the Inspector says this file is very important so it should be placed on his desk. Jaggu stops the Inspector to show some leniency on him, he asks what is his fault in this all. Inspector asks Jaggu to look at this paper which states that the case would be open tomorrow after which he will shoot Jaggu right here, explaining Jaggu just has today if Bhim Rao does not take back the case of Puran when Jaggu informs that he has not done anything.

Inspector sits on his desk when the constable says he does not feel that Bhim would take back the case, Bhim Rao enters the police station when Jaggu immediately starts showing him the marks on his body explaining how they threatened to kill him, Inspector says that Bhim Rao should see the truth and would he let Jaggu die here in the police station.

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Everyone is waiting in the Chawl while the worker is still unconscious on the bed but he suddenly regains consciousness and then slowly tries to get up, they ask how is his condition informing that someone else beat him but their Jaggu Bhai got arrested, the worker asks them to not be worried as he would go and be a witness that he has not been hit by Jaggu. Rama asks him to come as they have gone to the police station when even Phulai also asks him to come. The worker stands up but his father runs to him saying he should say that Jaggu has hit him when the worker asks why would he say it, his father says that they have threatened to kill the entire family and even to send back his sisters from the house of their in laws. Phulai asks how can they do it when he must not be a false witness as then her Jaggu would be trapped. The worker is forced to leave with his family when his wife says they even torn her saree and threatened to ruin her respect.

Bhim is with the Inspector explaining he saw a dream last night while focusing but the Inspector is not ready to listen to his dream, Bhim explains that in the dream he was standing with Rama and his father, he promised to hep them both cross the river and they said that they are glad he did not leave either of their hand. Bhim mentions that it is important they should understand the meaning of his meaning, so both Jaggu and Puran are important for him and he would fight for both of their justice. Inspector says then he would not take back the case, Bhim says he has come here to file another FIR that they have brought Jaggu here forcefully and tortured him, just then the worker enters saying he would also say that Jaggu hit him on the head. Inspector laughs asking how the person whom he helped is against him so he should feel sorry for the death of Jaggu. Bhim says that he has thought about it last night, Inspector asks the constable to come when he says that this is what he has been saying, he informs that the Inspector has come tortured Jaggu. Inspector explains he has written the FIR so Bhim Rao knows what he is saying and the statement of the victim is not a match. Inspector says he would do whatever he desires with Jaggu and it will be his responsibility when Bhim mentions he cannot take back the case but promises that he will make sure that Jaggu gets avenged for all the injuries. The lawyer comes to the police station warning that he will take the job of the Inspector and he must not torture him, Inspector advises the lawyer to not get involved in this when the lawyer asks Bhim to come as they need to prepare for the case, Jaggu requests Bhim to not leave since they would kill him, Bhim thinks he knows that Jaggu is getting scared but must rest assured as nothing would happen to him.