Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Rama’s plan to free Bhim Rao succeeds.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode, the official wants to know what Bhim Rao gets after fighting with everyone. Bhim Rao asks the official to silently listen, the protestors were willing to die for Bhim Rao. He got love and support from the people he fought for. Bhim Rao will not deviate from the path he took; he will remain persistent and ensure that his people are treated like equals.

Next morning, Rama finds police officer, tells that she has some work form him. He heard Bhim Rao being captured; the officer could not help. Rama tells him about the protestor, Bhim Rao will be saved though it will take some time. The police officer will give to help eventually. She asks officer to shoot her because she is also Bhim Rao. Everyone chawl members were doing the same with all other government officials.
Ramji says the same, Hitesh and his friends mock him for being mad. Ramji isnt mad, has become one because his wife doesn’t let him go anywhere. He will stay here and support Bhim Rao. Jijabai asks him to shout but refuses to let him go anywhere.

The official and Bhim Rao hear Deepak’s and other voices chanting to be shot because they are Bhim Rao as well. The official questions, Bhim Rao tells that this is what he got, many other like him. The official’s men inform that Bhim Rao’s people have spread the news everywhere. Rama informs that they will march to Governor’s house chanting these words, out of concern the Governor will asks about Bhim Rao. The official will be answering that question. Bhim Rao compliments Rama for finding a solution. Everyone left towards the Governor’s office.

Vaijnath saw them. Vaipal knew that Bhim Rao’s men will find a solution. Shishupal considers it a good chance to kill everyone, since they are asking. Vaijnath refuse thinks they should focus on reentering their caste.

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Everyone was stopped by the police; English officer there knew that Bhim Rao has some issues with Maharaja. The police do not meddle with the Royal issues. Rama asks them to either free Bhim Rao or let them talk to Governor. Rama left them with no choice. The police had to submit to her demands. The English officer decides to free Bhim Rao.

The officials’ men thinks that its bets to release Bhim Rao, his capture has caused a havoc in the city.

The police marched towards Bhim Rao. The official asks his men to wait behind while he escapes. Bhim Rao tried to stop him; he ran away. Outside, Anand and Bala stopped him. Rama saw Bhim Rao coming out injured, he ran after them to capture that culprit. Rama has never witnessed a man who refuse to compromise his morals.

Everyone ran after the official. Vaijnath and his sons were thrilled to encounter that scene. Bhim Rao saw Vaijnath, reminded that their lives are separate. It’s better for Vaijnath to keep their matter separate and refrain from interfering with the lower caste. Bhim Rao left. Vaijnath thinks that its better to focus on their reentry. Rama reminds that Bhim Rao will continue succeeding like always, Vaijnath should focus on himself only. Bhim Rao might leave but Rama will be here, there are others like here. Vaijnath couldn’t win from one than how does he propose to win from everyone.

The official ran to chawl. Everyone followed him there chanting the slogan. Bhim Rao came forward, the official threatened to kill Bhim Rao with a bamboo stick. Ramji stopped the official asking how he would kill a son in front of his father. Jijabai came out. Bhim Rao reminded the official about the gestures he bestowed when he first visited the chawl. Things ruined for just one crime. Bala asked the police to capture the official. The official cannot be jailed because he serves the royals.

The Episode Ends.