Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Jaggu is arrested from the Chawl

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Meghant jee comes asking if they all understood something or not, e comes to stands in front of the Chawl saying they all would have understood what can the people from the upper class can do to win and what will happen to those who go against them this is why he keeps advising them to stay in their limits and tell that Bhim Rao to accept them as his masters while they must not think he got this man killed because even if these people are from the upper class but he does not have anything to do with it. Jaggu comes to the front informing Meghnat that they have tried to convince Bhim Rao and would do it once again but the person gives the stick to Jaggu ordering the inspector to arrest him as he has killed the worker from their upper class but Jaggu refuses to accept he has done anything when Meghnat says that he has see it with his own eyes while the people are a witness that he has killed this person, Meghnat asks them to capture Jaggu who runs away so they all follow him, Jija Bai smiles thinking that Bhim Rao has gotten trapped and should see what happens in the future, she hits the worker saying that more injured he gets the better it would be for them.

Jaggu is running with all his might while the Inspector along with the locals are chasing him, he keeps running when he bumps into Bhim requesting Bhim to save him otherwise they would kill him, Bhim asks the inspector what has he done, he says that Jaggu killed the person from their class and Bhim says he does not know what they are saying but the people from the upper class blame Jaggu for killing the worker. Meghnat comes saying that they are telling the truth and all of them are a witness that Jaggu has hit him with the stick, Meghnat says that Bhim Rao should at least find out who they are talking about, Meghnat says they are talking of the person who cam to protect Bhim Rao when he sat down in front of the court protesting, Bhim remembers the person and asks where is he right now, the say he is unconscious in front of the Chawl. Inspector asks Jaggu to come with them to the police station but Meghnat says would Bhim go and look at the condition of the person who tried to protect him, Rama stops Bhim and herself returns to the Chawl. Bhim tells the Inspector that they would also have the witness when the people from the Chawl say that Jaggu is innocent, Inspector mentions now they would meet in the court as Bhim has also found a lawyer and so they leave after arresting Jaggu warning everyone to not move even a bit. Meghant smiles telling Bhim how he has gotten trapped in the situations so warns Bhim to not fight for Puran when he would get back the Jaggu otherwise he should forget him. Meghnat says Bhim should think it but then give them a final answer. Bhim sits down in despair wondering what would he do, Meghant turns back to look at Bhim Rao and so starts smiling saying he felt nice to see Bhim Rao sitting on the floor, he says this is what he is worth.

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Jija Bai asks what sort of a person is he as he started liking the words of Bhim Rao, he angrily demands that he should get up. Rama questions what is she doing when she says she is looking at the person who was born in the upper class but is still liking the words of Bhim Rao. Rama says that Jija Bai should have just looked at him but she is pulling his hair, Jija Bai says that Rama has returned and can do whatever she desires while she is leaving. Ramji returns when he asks Rama what happened, she replies she will tell him everything but first they need to help this worker.

Jaggu is being tortured in the police station while he keeps requesting the Inspector to not beat him as he is innocent, Meghant and Sethji are smiling while seeing Jaggu being tortured, the inspector stops so Meghnat asks him to be a careful as Jaggu is the weapon due to which they would make Bhim Rao do whatever they desires so that he accepts their word and leaves the case of Puran. Inspector exclaims he would kill Jaggu if Bhim Rao does not take back the case of Puran.

Bhim is sitting on the road when the wife of Jaggu requests him to help her husband, the neighbors say that Bhim always fights for the innocent. Bhim remembers when Puran said that Bhim is his hope and he refuses to stop fighting the case of Puran, the wife of Jaggu says that the Inspector would kill Jaggu and even the neighbors ask if they should let him die but Bhim stops everyone saying that nothing would happen to him but the wife of Jaggu says that everything is happening because of Bhim Rao so he should take back the case. Bhim says that Puran Kaka is innocent when wife of Jaggu asks who is more important for him ether Jaggu or Puran. Bhim tries to leave when the wife says this means that Puran is more important for him however Bhim leaves, she says she will go to the police station alone and threaten to burn herself if they donot leave her husband. The neighbor stops her but she says that why would Bhim fight for their right when he cares more about Puran. The aunt of Bhim comes advising her to believe in Bhim as he would surely find a way, she sits down on the road questioning how can she remain calm when the inspector would kill her husband.

Jaggu is pleading with the Inspector to not beat him when Meghnat asks if he got tired but says the inspector should just make sure Jaggu does not die but gets in so much pain that he demands death as that is the only thing which would break Bhim Rao after which he will fight for Jaggu, while the case of Puran would be trapped in the official files, Meghnat and Sethji are smiling while Jaggu is being beaten.

The wife of Jaggu is crying as it has become night while the worker is still unconscious, she requests Bhim to save her Jaggu as he is innocent while the people from the upper class trapped her husband. Jija Bai comes to console her while Bhim is worried sitting outside the Chawl.