Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao collects his degree.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode Deepak calls everyone outside to prepare for tomorrow. Hitesh and his fellows’ questions Deepak. Joku asks Shoba to control her son. Shoba questions Deepak. He wants everyone to hold a banner for Bhim Rao on their way to college tomorrow. Bhim Rao finds is unnecessary while Deepak differs.

Next day everyone marches towards Bhim Rao’s college, hailing him for his work. Karuna notices Bala leaving mid-way.

Vaijnath presents himself in front of the panchayet. They are ready to put Vaijnath under question for his unfilled claims.

Everyone reaches college for the graduation ceremony. Shoba makes an exit. The Guruji calls students by name, their degrees were presented to them. Meanwhile panchayet refused to serve Vaijnath tea, they have gathered here to declare a punishment for him. Vaijanth requests another chance to tackle Bhim Rao. The elders’ questions, Vaijnath has failed before, his claims to defeat Bhim Rao have failed, Bhim Rao is in college for his graduation.

Guruji calls Bhim Rao at last, he has scored highest marks, his papers were remarked to be kept safe for future generation. Bhim Rao wipes his tears. He was called on stage to collect his degree.
Jijabai prepares Bala to perform wedding rituals. She was getting Bala married.

Shishupal was struggling to hold his anger against the panchayet for humiliating his father. The elders trusted Vaijnath, but he humiliated everyone. The elders can deprive Vaijnath from his position, but a worse punishment will be declared for him. The panchayet has decided to oust Vaijnath and his sons from the caste for a whole month. Vaijnath pleads them not to do so. The elders refuse, they have to set an example for others.

Bhim Rao collects his degree. The principal shared a few words for Bhim Rao. He feels proud to have Bhim Rao as his student, his paper was asked to be kept safe. He will do so for future generations to learn from Bhim Rao. Ramji recall the time Joshi humiliated Bhi Rao for his lower caste and every time he motivated him to stand tall. The principal tells everyone how initially he wanted Bhim Rao to fail but slowly realized that stopping Bhim Rao would be a failure for this college as well as the academia. He apologizes to Bhim Rao on behalf of everyone who became a struggle in his studies. He calls men forward to greet Bhim Rao. They congratulate Bhim Rao; he recalls Ramji and his lawyer advising him to be a warrior who isn’t hungry for recognition or acknowledgement. Bhim Rao takes the men to his chawl, for him they are the real heroes worthy of all praise because they paved way for him to graduate from college. Bhim Rao throws flowers at them. Karuna recalls Bala wanting to marry someone else. The men gave Bhim Rao money at gift for his achievement, he promises to use that money for his people.

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Bala and was at the last step to complete his second marriage but Shoba stops him. She has the right to stop him as he is Meera’s nephew. Jijabai stops Shoba from forcing relations, asks her to leave. Bala doesn’t consider Shoba part of her family. Shoba will leave but wants Bala to hear the full truth. Jijabai questions, everyone knows that Karuna is in love with a man named Sumit. Maloji brings Sumit to utter the full truth. Bala questions. Jijabai worries about his telling the truth.

Bhim Rao addresses the college; he wants nothing more than the right to education. He requests upper caste not to create hurdles in their way. He dedicates his degree to everyone, is grateful to his teachers, family, chawl and caste members present here despite being friend or foe. He promises to fulfil everyone’s dream.

Bala beats Sumit in order to bring the truth out of him. Shoba threatens to kill Sumit. She grabs a stone, Sumit surrenders. He tells that he intentionally met Karuna twice or thrice, he has no other connection with her. Bala takes off his veil. Shoba knows Jijabai enough to tell that she was the one who orchestrated it. Jijabai should wait and watch what happens after Sumit takes her name. Maloji asks Sumit to take names.

The panchayet left. Vaijnath is in grief.

Bhim Rao comes to Ramji, gives him a mala. Bhim Rao tells that a father is a farmer for his son, who cultivates the best seed. He wants to thanks Ramji and fathers like him.

The Episode Ends.