Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Karuna and Lakshmi decide to kill themselves.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode, Vaijnath pushes the people not to frighten Bhim Rao and admit not praising Bhim Rao from now. The men refuse, the instantly start praising him. Bhim Rao and Rama crossing nearby witness this. Rama wonders what Vaijnath is doing. The men may differ with Bhim Rao, but he represents their caste, they will not abandon him. Vaijnath silent them, these people were questioning Bhim Rao, refusing to have him as their representative. The men left without answering while Vaijnath wanted an answer. Vaipal calls them deaf. Bhim Rao decides to answer on their behalf, tells that those people only had hope but not words to answer with, these people want to have their rights of life but leave as soon as they see a risk like they did now. They all believe in Bhim Rao but aren’t consistent, despite arguing with Bhim Rao they couldn’t help but not act against Vaijnath. Bhim Rao assures changing everything one day. Vaijnath will restore everything Bhim Rao changes. Bhim Rao offered him to follow because he will be returning to the office he got fired from and Vaijnath should prepare for that. Bhim Rao leaves. Vaijnath calls him from behind assuring that Bhim Rao will fail this time as well, they will break his legs and distribute sweets. Rama wants Bhim Rao to reply but he wishes to do that by acting.

Karuna and Lakshmi cannot hope their husbands to get better. Lakshmi is tired, feels afraid of Anand. Karuna feels guilty for bringing Bala here and influencing Anand. Lakshmi doesn’t blame Bala for it. Bala questions everyone for accusing him of being the monster. Lakshmi assures him that it’s not the matter, she leaves. Bala orders Karuna to get him food. Karuna is aware of her responsibility, but the way Bala speaks hurts her, so she will not get him food. Bala decides to teach her his way. Karuna asks him to beat up until she dies, its better for her to die. Bala asks her to kill herself, hates seeing her. Bala doesn’t like saying that to Karuna but wants her to leave, go somewhere far or die after that he will take food himself. Karuna leaves.

Anand was asking Anand if she will get him food or not. Lakshmi used to get it for him before, why is he ordering her now like a man. Anand questions, he will speak like a man. Lakshmi tells that he used to be her husband, but not he has become a man. Anand loves Lakshmi and she knows that he has never hurt her. Lakshmi tells that Bala hits Karuna, and her physical pain is equal to the emotional pain Lakshmi suffers. Anand questions her for elongating the matter. Lakshmi tells that his words kill her, she will die one day. Anand asks her to die, asks if she will get him food or not. Lakshmi did everything when he was ill, and he is wishing for his death. Lakshmi wants to know if her death would hurt him or not. Anand refused to be bothered, he will take the food himself. Lakshmi cries.

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Rama wonders how Bhim Rao will get back in the office. Vaijnath will be prepared this time, the owner fired him as well. Bhim Rao doesn’t know but will figure it out. The optician asks Bhim Rao to say whatever he wants. Bhim Rao assures that he will do something as well, just like the optician who opened this shop. The optician knows that Bhim Rao belongs to the lower caste, but he talks big, incase he succeeds in life the optician will tell everyone that he used to make glasses for Bhim Rao. Rama takes the glasses, they leave.

Bhim Rao chases Rama asking her to give him the glasses, Rama will help him wear this because she wants to tell people how she helped him repair his glasses and wear it because she knows that he will succeed now.

Bala and Anand were eating food in anger. Jijabai interferes, they can not do anything in Bhim Rao and Rama’s presence. Karuna and Lakshmi overheard the conversation, said that their husbands don’t need them anymore. They both decide to take poison at night and die.

At night, Bhim Rao comes to Rama unaware of what to do next. Vaijnath has deluded everyone. Bhim Rao couldn’t justify himself in front of the owner, reason why he fired him. Bhim Rao is wondering who to get reappointed. Ramji thinks of two wats, firstly the people to realize their mistake. Rama questions, Vaijnath and his sons try everything to cause a havoc in Bhim Rao’s life, making them realize their mistake is impossible. They have manipulated the upper caste wit them. Ramji thinks to pressurize Vaijnath, Bhim Rao asks how. Rama tells that the literate who reads newspaper would be able to understand. Ramji asks who to get this news to those people.

Purushottam comes to Deepak telling that he will not go to school from tomorrow. Shoba refuse. Purushottam wants Deepak to reply. Deepak knows what to do.

Bhim Rao tells Ramji that he knows what to do.

Lakshmi and Karuna have understood what to do now as they walk down the road.

The Episode Ends.