Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao’s might not gradate this year.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Bhim Rao demands his copy back but everyone tears it apart and enjoy doing so. Bhim Rao holds the torn pieces in despair. The teacher shares his condolences but he can not do anything about this copy. Vaipal wonders who will they be checked. The teacher leaves, Bhim Rao asks about his paper. The upper caste stops his way, Bhim Rao decide to push them aside by force. Since they have touched each other, the upper caste decides to throw Bhim Rao out of the college.

The teacher brings paper to Principal, teacher asks him to protect him since the matter will be investigated. Guruji comes questioning, shows how Bhim Rao is being thrown out. Guruji tells that teacher tore his paper now he is being thrown out. The principal wonders what to answer first. Guruji requests them to be more concerned. The teacher replies that Bhim Rao was late in submitting his paper, it got torn while he was taking the copy from him. Principal tells that Bhim Rao got in an argument owing to his frustration, now the students are throwing him out. Guruji leaves to do something about the matter. Principal sends the teacher to deliver exams copy urgently.
Bhim Rao gets thrown out of college, Ramji and Rama saves him from collapsing. Bhim Rao cries, tells Ramji what happened. The collector comes to take the paper. Vaipal tells Bhim Rao how helpless he is.

Teacher has made the bundle, principal is glad to know that Bhim Rao’s year will go to waste. The collector questions principal about the mess outside.

Rama leaves to do something. Vaipal taunts as she left to cry. Guruji takes Bhim Rao inside, he can not get weak. Vaipal allows Guruji to try for last time, he will be get himself cleansed outside. Ramji has to fight for his son.

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The collector was leaving, Guruji stops him questioning Principal because Bhim Rao has been dealt wrongly. The principal agrees but nothing can be done. Bhim Rao tells that the paper was snatched from his hands than torn into pieces by students. The principal questions teacher for being silent, teacher didn’t do anything, Bhim Rao is lying. Ramji refuse. Guruji asks Principal to allow Bhim Rao to solve the paper again. The principal can do that but wont. Ramji begs the principal, gets on his knees. Ramji is poor and can not afford a new year for his son without a scholarship. Guruji asks the Principal to give Bhim Rao enough time to get passing marks.
Vaipal gathers outside with his friends waiting for Ramji to come out defeated to get themselves cleansed.

Principal pity’s them thus will allow Bhim Rao to redo his paper on one condition. Bhim Rao would have to give in written that he wont fight for his caste. Bhim Rao refuse to graduate at cost of his people, he will continue to fight and support his people despite everything else. The principal accepts, Bhim Rao’s graduation will extend for a year, if he stays as the headmaster he will make sure that Bhim Rao never graduate. Guruji questions him for misusing his authority. The principal can do a lot worse, his once signature can stop Bhim Rao’s education. Bhim Rao challenges him, Guruji stops him. Bhim Rao is ready to fight a battle with a principal for misusing his authority. The principal leaves.

Shishupal and Vaijnth come to Vaipal to support him. The principal comes out so does everyone else. The ritual to cleanse the body and soul starts.

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