Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Purushottam threatens to kill Shoba.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode, the manager tells that Seva will get imprisoned for breaking the lock. Seva doesn’t fear being punished. Ramji rushes to meet Seva, invites him home. Seva accepts the invitation but after completing some tasks. He starts collecting the tears pieces. Bhim Rao wants to help; Seva asks him to do the cleaning with his pen.

The manager informs Vaijnath about a determined beggar he met. Vaijnath came across the same man, The manager fears his threat of breaking the lock. Vaijnath sent Vaipal to find out about that beggar. Vaipal informs that he is not ordinary beggar, people preach him, he is a strong protagonist of discipline and cleanliness. Vaijnath blames Bhim Rao luck for it, gets help eventually. Vaijnath will find a solution to it as well.

Ramji brings Seva Rama Baba home. Hitesh and Joku questions, Ramji asks them to take blessing or leave. Seva doesn’t consider himself worthy of giving blessing, came here on Bhim Rao’ invitation.
Karuna tells Anand and Lakshmi about their vacations. Anand thinks that Karuna must have complaint about him and Bala. Bala refuse, it was different this time. Jijabai barges in complaining about Bhim Roa bringing a guest when there is no money to serve the family. Bala gives her money; they all leave meet the man Bhim Rao invited home. Jijabai cannot accept the siblings being together, she will not let that happen.

The entire chawl sits down to listen to Seva Ram Baba, he has been in this chawl with his father but didn’t think he would revisit. Rama questions. Seva visited when Bhim Rao passed the 10th exam. His father wanted to congratulate Bhim Rao, but he was already getting if from everyone, so his father left. Deepak serves him water, Purushottam enters the chawl noticing he old man. Purushottam wanted to leave; Seva stops him asking not to do what disgraces him. Purushottam leaves. Shoba leaves to question Purushottam. Bhim Rao invites Seva for dinner, he refuses, he doesn’t eat at someone else’s home or sleep under a roof. Seva left.

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Shoba questions Purushottam who denies knowing what the beggar talked about. Deepak tells Shoba everything. Purushottam agrees with Vaijnath about Bhim Rao taking his son away from him. Shoba tells that Vaijnath doesn’t do or act in support of lower caste but everything that is against Bhim Rao. Purushottam shouts at Shoba. Deepak stops Purushottam for yelling at his mother. Shoba isn’t scared of him, leaves to make her son dinner. Purushottam threatens Deepak to listen to him or else he would kill Shoba.

Rama and Bhim Rao wonder where to find Seva. Bhim Rao realized that he gave a hint, understood where he must be.

Seva Rama sits by fire near the river singing. Bhim Rao and Rama find him. Seva asks how he knew where he was. Bhim Rao knows that a person performs his favorite act when alone, like he loves to read. Earlier today, Bhim Rao saw Seva singing, realized that being the man he is he wouldn’t disturb someone’s sleep. So started searching for him in the least populated area. Rama serves him food. Seva thinks that a man who knows who to find knows how to search and secure milestones. Upon seeing Bhim Rao Seva knew that he would find his way out from all difficulties. He invites them to sit. Bhim Rao considers Seva an accomplished socialite. Seva can foresee an accomplished warrior in Bhim Rao.

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