Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao starts a protest.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode the official leaves for his home including everyone else in this office while the lower caste will stay awake in fear and worry. The official left.

Vaipal ponders, Shishupal questions. Vaipal worries about Bhim Rao escaping. Shishupal thinks that he cannot escape the official. Vaipal doubts, Bhim Rao always finds a way out. Vaijnath scolds him for thinking otherwise. Vaipal worries about Bhim Rao finding a solution like always.

The workers left asking Bhim Rao not to act smart because his end is here. He wants to know if Bala and Rama are outside.

Rama wonders how to help Bhim Rao. Bala would have escaped the place by now nut knowing Bhim Rao, he wont run.

Bhim Rao finds himself a window to look out of. He hides from the guards standing outside, sees Rama, Bala and Anand sitting outside. He needs to talk to Rama but how. Bhim Rao writes a letter to Rama.

Rama asks Anand if she should ask the guards to let her in. Anand doesn’t think that the guard will listen to her, they should let Bhim Rao handle the matter.

Bhim Rao throws the letter at Rama, she reads it.

Jijabai tells Ramji that for the first time she gained an advantage from Bhim Rao. Since their marriage, they have sat together after a long time. Nobody is home as well. Ramji has tried to stay with Jijabai, and with pure honesty he has been with him. Bhimabai used to get flattered by these words, but Jijabai will not do so. Now she wants Ramji to be with her. She asks him to sleep. Ramji cannot rest knowing that his son is being kept hostage, and his sons and daughter in law are out for him. Jijabai will rest, tie a knot around her and his hand to make sure he doesn’t run away.

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Next morning, the official came back asking Bhim Rao about his night. He questions him about the pen the copy in his hand. Bhim Rao did what he had to do. His Guruji used to say that a pen and paper is always there to help. The official wants to know what he did. Bala called from outside to tell what Bhim Rao did. Bala stood with men protesting to have Bhim Rao released. Bhim Rao wonders where Rama is. On of the men told that Anand and Rama are on their way to meet the Maharaja. Bala informs that according to the letter Bala and Anand should have left but Rama insisted. Bhim Rao requested the official to release him, Maharaj has a lot of people to help him, but his family only has few people to run the family. The official will wait for Maharaja’s order, till than anyone can protest.

Next morning, Hitesh calls Ramji outside. He asks Jijabai to untie him. Ramji comes out to Hitesh informing about his cursed morning, tells that his daughter and sons created another drama. Jijabai questioned the son and daughter. Hitesh informs that Bhim Rao has started a protest against the Maharaja.

The Episode Ends.