Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Mr Puranwala manages to get the case of Puran opened once again

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The senior lawyer starts walking towards Bhim Rao seeing whom all of the other lawyers are worried he asks why did Bhim lose hope so easily as the coat is looking very good on him which is a sign of respect, saying that this coat should not taken off to make him disrespect as there are a lot of people here who would already disrespect him. Meghnat jee says that even the lawyer would say the same after finding out of his class, the lawyer says he will fight the case for Bhim Rao because he saw that he was asking everyone for help. Meghnat curses the old lawyer but the other lawyers warn him to not misbehave since he is a very senior lawyer, Rama goes to Bhim Rao telling him to go inside as he has once again found the way to win this battle, Bhim leaves to enter the court after closing the buttons of his coat while Sethji and Meghnat are worried.

The judge demands they should start the proceedings of the court, when the prosecutor blames that Puran is a very dangerous criminal whose case has been presented over the judge so they want to shift him from Bombay to Puran jail but some people of his class are trying to prove that he is innocent and desire to break him free from the jail so the police desire to shift him to another jail as Bhim Rao is trying to get him free while their senior lawyer is fighting this case. The judge asks if the defense has anything to say when the lawyer asks if he should say anything and he asks repeatedly if he should say it, the prosecutor gets furious at this asking why is he asking the same thing when the judge also asks Mr Puranwala what is he doing this when Mr Puranwala says this is the issue as the prosecutor is calling his client from being the lower class so would he not get angry when everyone got furious at him for asking the same question twice. Mr Puranwala then says that the police first shifted Puran from Pune to Bombay and now want to shift him somewhere else so why are they not focused on increasing the protection. The prosecutor says that if a police wants to shift a dangerous criminals to another jail for their desire, Mr Puranwala says he has the problem with this desire, asking what was the thing due to which the lawyers were making fun of him and he went to the jail to meet Puran once while ever since then he was trying to find a lawyer so he says that there is something which is being hidden. The prosecutor says there is nothing which is being hidden because when Puran got sentenced after the statement of the witness then what is left, Mr Puranwala says the justice is left and he assures that a lot of things would be revealed after this happens this is why he desires that they should once again open the case of Puran. The prosecutor says there is no need for it but the judge agrees to once again open the case of Puran hearing which the Inspector is shocked while both Meghnat jee and Sethji are also furious. The judge says what if they find something which was left out before this is why the court agrees to once again open the case of Puran. Bhim Rao and Puran both praise the Judge while Meghnat and Sethji leave angrily. Mr Puranwala appreciates the judge.

Mr Puranwala walks out first followed by everyone else and Bhim Rao runs to stop him praising him for getting the case of Puran kaka opened once again due which people like him and Puran Kaka have gotten a light of hope and after seeing people like him they realize there is still place for justice and truth be told he had lost hope. Puran tells Bhim Rao he is his hope and for people like him, Mr Puranwala looks at Bhim Rao telling him he is the hope for a lot of people so it is a very big thing. Bhim says he does not think he would be able to afford his fees but Mr Puranwala leaves saying he has a lot of money. Bhim wipes off the sweat from his forehead. Ramji comes with the entire family, Rama says she thought he would lose this fight and Bhim agrees but Ramji replies he never thought of it since the truth always wins and the judge allowed them to open the case of Puran kaka so they would find out a lot of people who are the real culprits and belong to the upper class. Ramji says that they would end this fight when Rama says they must go back to their house for the time being.

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Meghnat jee is furious at Bhim Rao saying he has a lot of good faith since every time someone comes to help him and now the Puranwala has arrived, Mr Puranwala says for the sake of justice because both Meghnat and Sethji have a lot of crimes but such criminals are also happy when others are suffering. The son of Meghnat asks who told Puranwala all this when he says a big lawyer always finds out the truth and he knows what both Meghnat and Sethji have done to Bhim Rao so now he would show them what happens in the court., Puranwala replies he has crossed the age of seventy so is not afraid of dying, warning they can ask anyone the house of Puranwala and come to kill him if they have the strength. The son of Landlord questions what would they do since he himself said he is not afraid of dying when Sethji says it would not be that easy as he said that he has crossed the age of seventy.

Bhim Rao is coming with Rama when he sees the person who helped him, Bhim asks what happened when he says that his friend hit him and made him fall unconscious, the wife of the worker comes saying that she has left home because the people of their class have gone against them as he helped Bhim Rao, he must go and save his parents while she is going to the house of her parents. Bhim Rao tries to stop her but she says that she has no interest in talking with them, Bhim Rao is worried that everyone would be burning the house of the worker and should he stop thinking that the neighbors might get even more furious or he stop his wife, Rama suggests they must first stop her and so Bhim calls her but she leaves warning him to not try and stop her.

The mother of Deepak asks him to tell everyone how Bhim won, Deepak says that Mr Puranwala came saying he will fight the case of Puran after which the judge decided to open the case, while Jogu says that now Bhim would say he is the one who fought and won, Deepak along with the aunt and his mother make fun of Jogu which angers his neighbor but Deepak says they are not ready to accept the little success that he has got but they are just trying to curse him.

The worker is pleading with them all to stop and not do anything to them but the Inspector along with the people are holding the stick when the worker says they should not do anything but the person threatens to hit him with the stick however the worker kneels down pleading but gets hit in the head by a stick due to which he falls on the floor while everyone gets worried.