Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update: The official plans to kill Bhim Rao.


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Ramji demands Bhim Rao to throw flowers at them without argument. Bhim Rao refuses, Jijabai insists. She wants him to throw flowers at her, Bhim Rao requests her to let go but she denies. Bhim Rao refuses to do so, him throwing flowers will not change anything. Jijabai threatens him, Rama questions, they will not oblige to Jijabai just because she is mad. Rama throws the basket away; she will not accept Jijabai forcing Bhim Rao for anything. Vaijnath interferes applauding the performance. Jijabai will stand here with her husband until Bhim Rao throws flowers at them. Ramji agrees. The official had enough of everything, he will jail everyone the day he finds evidence against them. Jijabai will not let her husband go anywhere. Bhim Rao will not accept the official talking to everyone like this. Vaijnath thinks that Bhim Rao and his family should be thankful to the official for being lenient. Ramji asks Jijabai to let he matter go or he will tell everyone, because they will go to jail eventually. Shishupal questions Ramji for whispering to his new bride. Ramji asks him not to interfere in his private matter. Everyone laughs at Shishupal. They taunted Shishupal for coming to someone’s wedding uninvited. Vaijnath doesn’t think that the lower caste has the status to invite the upper caste. Bala and Anand taunt Vaijnath for being ousted from his caste. Jijabai takes Ramji inside to avoid jail.

The official asks Bhim Rao to leave. Bhim Rao wanted to talk to Rama for a minute, he was denied permission. Rama will follow Bhim Rao in the matter. Bala and Anand inform Rama about the official plan to murder Bhim Rao. Rama insists on accompanying Bhim Rao. Bala and Anand follow. Hitesh and his friends congratulate Jijabai on her marriage.

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Jijabai wants Ramji to be happy and thank her for letting the matter with Bhim Rao go. Ramji says that she got scared of being arrested. Jijabai wasn’t afraid, she did it to save the family. Ramji questions, Jijabai would have blamed everyone for the matter. Ramji asks if she has been like this forever, there is a limit to right and wrong. Jijabai never got anything good after coming to this house. Now she will do what pleases her. Nobody would have ever asked for a congratulation Jijabai is demanding, He congratulates her and leaves. Jijabai will not be upset, because after years the same night has returned.
Bhim Rao was followed by his family. The official refused to let Rama, Anand and Bala come inside. He will not inform Maharaja about anything, will make a fake report for him. He closes the door. Maharaja threatens to kill Bhim Rao today, after his family leaves.

Rama can not leave the place. Anand thinks they must do something. Bala agrees but will stay here tonight.

Jijabai drags Ramji to his bed reminding him about the night they once had. Ramji questions her for repeating old mistakes. Jijabai will fix her past mistakes, last time she spent the night crying but not today. She will be happy beside Ramji. She wants Jijabai to talk to her. Ramji thinks that the end will never change. Jijabai calls him emotionless for talking bad. Ramji calls her selfish. Ramji wonders about Bhim Rao.

The official asks Bhim Rao to sit, forbids him from leaving the place. He will stay in these walls until the operation ends. Everyone is worried.

The Episode Ends.