Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao leaves to save Puran Kaka

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Bhim Rao says he felt really bad about it, Rama is also tensed and asks him to come back home but then they are stopped by the workers of Sethji, who says there is still one work left. Bhim Rao asks what is it when he says they have to check something, he walks over to Bhim Rao and hugs him tightly seeing which the other worker is shocked and even Bhim Rao, Rama are not able to understand. The worker turning to his partner says that nothing happened after he touched Bhim Rao but the other worker says that his religion has been ruined and now he can only come back after performing a cleanse, he leaves when Bhim Rao asks him what has he done, he says that he was always told he is from upper class so his actions should also be good because how can he forget that Bhim Rao saved his life, when the worker says that if Bhim had not stopped the police then he would have died for which he was not even able to thank Bhim Rao, he desired to say it a long time ago but is going to say it right now so he thanks Bhim, Rama says he has made it difficult for himself as who knows what his friend and boss would do with him, he says how wrong could they do with a worker so he says that Bhim Rao must not be worried for him. Rama explains they tend to find such people in life who give them hope that there are also people in the upper class who think just as them and if some more start thinking the same way then it will change everything.

The sister in law of Bhim Rao enter their workplace when their boss blames them so an employee says that they did not mention they were the sister in law of Bhim rao, the manager says he is from an upper class and the place from where they get the salary then even get their salary from those who belong to higher class, they demand them both to lead them tot heir house where they would curse Bhim Rao, his sister in laws say that this is different while their fight is for something else but the boss says they both have to chose amongst either their job or their brother in law but both of them return back saying that they will never leave Bhim Rao. They are walking thinking of finding another job but not let anyone in their house get to know of it but she says she desires Bhim Rao must leave his struggle as it will cause a lot of troubles for him however they both mention they cannot place their own problem to Bhim Rao

Ramji is waiting with everyone else for Bhim Rao, the inspector comes asking if Ramji is waiting for his son when he says that when his son is fighting the strong forces then they would be worried, the inspector says Bhim Rao filed an FIR against him so he has also made another plan which Bhim Rao would not be able to over turn, Bala asks what is it when the Inspector says they must wait for Bhim Rao to return, the aunt points to him when the Inspector first praises Bhim Rao for making a lawful move and then hands him the letter, Bhim starts reading when Jija bai asks if this is the arrest warrent of Bhim and the other also ask him about it, Bhim says it is written that in the court there is a request that Puran be shifted to another jail which would be in tomorrow afternoon. The Inspector says then he would take Puran away and have him encountered when Bhim Rao requests him to not do it as they should stop but the Inspector replies Bhim Rao would not be able to get a lawyer to save Puran and so now the game is just for tonight. Bhim Rao gets worried while his enemies are smiling.

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In the night Bhim Rao is sitting on the bed while Rama is standing beside him, Bhim is thinking how the Inspector said that there is not going to be any lawyer for Bhim Rao and he also thinks how all of the answers refused to help him, they said that they both would die while trying to save Puran and even one of them got hit in the head with a stick. Rama asks Bhim to not be worried as he would surely get a lawyer.

Bala with the family says all of the lawyers have refused and who would help the when his brother says there have been a lot of situations when they thought there was not going to be answer but something happened.

Bhim Rao tells Rama nothing would happen this time as he will not be able to do anything alone while no lawyer will help him and even if anyone agrees then the people from the society would not let them help him. The neighbor standing mentions it is very good because now he would go and tell everyone from the Chawl that Bhim Rao has himself accepted defeat so he should wait to see what happens in the morning.

In the morning the neighbor asks if Bhim Rao got a solution after thinking about the problem, they say he must first come and sleep so they would see that Puran gets what he deserves when the aunt asks all of them to be quiet but they say that they have finally got the chance to speak and so what is he going to do, Bhim tells Rama he will go and request the lawyer for their help but if he is not able to do anything then would come back and apologize to the entire community. The landlord comes saying that Bhim has for the first time rightly spoken as he must apologize to everyone including him, the landlord says he will make sure a stage is prepared on which Bhim should apologize for all the problems he has caused for them all, he even offers to get food made for them all. Bhim Rao says he is leaving but Ramji stops him.

Ramji says that this coat is their belief that Bhim cannot lose as he is not made for it, he asks Rama to make sure Bhim wear it and be rest assured that he would win. Landlord smiles saying they have started another scheme, Rama asks Bhim Rao to wear it but he refuses saying he does not know if he would win or lose and so he cannot break their trust after wearing this coat. Rama says he has not done anything wrong so he should wear it. Bhim just keeps staring at the Landlord when the neighbors say that they are making him wear the coat of trust so once he returns after being defeated then even their trust would be broken. Landlord agrees with Jaggu assuring that till he comes back there would be a stage prepared for him to apologize so he should go and return, Rama asks Bhim to go including Ramji while even Bala and Aanad ask him to go and return back only after wining, they all start supporting him so hearing this trust that they all have in him. Bhim gets a bit worried but he leaves so he can surely find a way to save Puran je, the Landlord is smiling while Bhim Rao is walking with immense confidence.