Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao is able to save Puran jee

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The constables are pulling Puran with them who is very tensed, they say that he would not live when Puran asks where are they taking him but they ask him to come without any question. The Inspector also joins them when Puran questions why did they bring him here, Inspector asks the constables to release Puran who questions what are they doing, Inspector says that now Puran will run and he will follow him but when Puran gets tired he will kill him and say that in the report that Puran tried to run and so he killed him. Puran remembers when Bhim Rao said that if he leaves today then Puran will think he got a chance to prove his innocence but he let it go. The Inspector points the gun at Puran saying he should run because then he would be able to crush the desire of Bhim Rao to get justice for those who are from his kind. Puran thinks he needs to run to make sure that Bhim Rao keeps fighting. Puran tries to run with all his might while the inspector is following him in the jungle.

The constables are pointing the gun at the people from the Chawl, Rama say that it is their duty to protect the people but they are threatening them which is not right when the constable says that the time of encounter has arrived and now Puran would be running to save his life while their Inspector would be following them. The aunt wonders where is Bhim Rao, the constable says that Puran would be killed and if Bhim tries to interfere then even he would be hit with a bullet. Ramji asks how can they kil Bhim Rao so easily as it is not right but the constable says they would kill anyone who tries to stop them, Rama warns them to not talk to her father in this manner. The neighbors says this is why they were against Bhim Rao because they are not even able to earn but have to face death.

Puran is running with all his might but he hits a tree in the middle of the jungle and falls so the inspector comes to him saying that now he would not be able to leave. The neighbors say that the they should just get the news that Puran has died so they can be free, the child questions if they have lost their mind since Puran is also from their own class, Ramji also explains that people only believe what is in their mind and not the truth, the neighbors however warn Ramji to not say anything else and they just pray that Puran is killed.

The inspector asks if Puran is scared when he says that he is feeling sorry that Bhim Rao would have to suffer a lot for his cause, the Inspector counts till three but then a constable comes to stop him saying that there has been an FIR against him, the inspector asks who wrote it when the constable says that it was Bhim Rao Ambedkar. The constable explains that Bhim Rao is going to get an FIR against him and he even knows the governor of Bombay. Puran says that he knew Bhim Rao was a fighter but did not knew he was also smart. Inspector says that if there is not going to be any witness then who would do anything of the sort since he always has an unofficial gun on him, Bhim Rao stops the Inspector while walking with some of his followers seeing whom the Inspector is shocked.

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Bhim says there are a lot of witnesses and now he would not be able to kill Puran jee with any gun, Inspector asks if the people also followed him when the people say that they are from the class of Bhim and by his side, inspector says they went against Bhim Rao when the people say that they can not be against Bhim Rao. Puran starts laughing saying there is surely something in Bhim Rao that he ruined their entire plan, the inspector leaves ordering the constables to take Puran back to the jail. Bum Rao calls Puran as Kaka explaining he is surely going to save him and make sure he gets justice, Puran says that Bhim Rao is their leader and he is going to greet him seeing which Bhim Rao starts smiling. Puran is taken back to the jail.

The constables say that till now their Inspector would have killed Puran when the constable comes asking them all to come to the police station they ask if Puran has been killed when Rama says that his quietness is saying he was not able to do anything but he should say what did her husband do, the constable replies Rama should ask him because he alone was more clever then them all hearing which Rama and Ramji start smiling. The constable leaves when Rama turns to Ramji asking if he heard how their Bhim Rao was more clever then even the police so she leaves to meet him. Jija Bai warns that if Bhim Rao keeps doing it then troubles would come to them however the aunt says that she is actually feeling bad for Jija Bai.

Sethji is with landlord asking him to have the sweets when he says that he will have it when the Inspector brings the good news, Bhim Rao enters the office when Sethji says that he should also learn the news about the death of Puran. Landlord explains that Puran was already in jail due to his crimes but was forced to be killed due to the actions of Bhim Rao. Landlord says even a worker was saying something of Puran, the worker said he meant they should make a statue of Puran and hit it with their shoes. Rama enters saying they were not even able to kill Puran jee with a bullet, she entering asks Bhim Rao why did he not say anything till now when Bhim Rao mentions they were not letting him say anything, he reveals Puran jee is fine and in the jail but he is advising them to not make such schemes., the son of landlord says he is not going to listen to his lectures. Sethji asks Bhim Rao to get out so he leaves with Rama when even the Landlord asks his son to come. The workers are talking when one of them says that Bhim Rao always thinks of everyone else without caring for himself, they argue that their religion would be ruined if they touch Bhim Rao when the other worker says they can find it out today.

Bhim Rao is with Rama who says she is feeling proud for him and Rama said to her that Bhim is going to fight the system but she had complete faith in him. Bhim tells Rama he for the first time saw injured justice, Rama does not understand when Bhim says that the lawyer was on the floor behind him and he could not do anything, Bhim is tensed.