Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Bhim is able to retrive the belongings from the house of Meghnath

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Deepak tells Bhim that Meghnath is warning them when their belonging have been stolen, Nandu and Puran ask Bhim to go inside along with everyone else, Meghnath threatens Bhim of severe consequence but then the officer requests Meghnath to let Bhim enter who tries to take a step ahead but stops for a moment before going to stand in front of Meghnath, he then starts walking towards the house of Meghnath while he can just keep looking at him. Bhim enters the house followed by everyone from the Chawl who also follow him, Meghnath angrily pulls Shishupal by his collar threatening to take his life, Shishupal replies he should do it revealing that today the people of the lower have entered the house of Meghnath but will do it to others in the future, Shishupal says that this fight is most important and the loss of Meghnath is necessary for the betterment of the family, the father of Sadhna says what is going on here when he came here to take his daughter and warned Meghnath is it not right to steal, Sadhna says even her father was involved in it all, she says the people mention how the girls take wealth but she would have made them all get empty handed.

Bhim starts hitting the corner of the window, Rama asks what is he doing when Karuna says he would be thinking when he will get such a house as he is jealous about the happiness of others, Rama says she can understand him but is not able to think why he is standing after placing his hand on the wall, Bhim says the walls of this house are very strong while he thinks it should not be the case for anyone, Puran says doors are enough for others but Bhim replies the doors are for guests and for it the walls must be of the correct order, Ramji says that the people of the upper class should first accept his thoughts.

Shamla says Sadhna is his daughter and one gets in a lot of pain without the support of their parents revealing she has suffered it and it can only cause pain rather then be fruitful, the father of Sadhna says he cannot accept this marriage when Shishupal replies they should be prepared as just like today the belongings were stolen then even their respect would be snatched. Meghnath tells Bhim he will never become so helpless to allow the people of lower class into his house and warns Shishupal how he will get the house cleaned today, Bhim goes to Aalekh and Sadhna revealing how they must go back to their house so they all start walking away along with the people of the Chawl, Shishupal asks the other people to leave praising them for their support, he says Meghnath should never change colors in front of him except that he also starts following Bhim, Meghnath furiously replies it will never happen. Shishupal taking the hand of Shamla walks back to his hut while Meghnath is yelling that it will never happen.

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Shishupal and Shamla are teaching in the night explain they should let good things happen as sometimes it causes things for the betterment like his father could have accepted the believes of Bhim today but he refused, Shamla also tells them when the students agree, Shamla says she is even going to the chawl where the students would have come.

Shamla reaches the chawl where the women are praising Rama, Shamla says then they should realize the education is useless if they donot work to make sure the society comes together, the ladies ask Rama if the marriage of Aalekh and Sadhna is correct and how does she see it, Rama replies that even if the red color is in the sky or in their hand then it seems the same, so marriage is also like it. Aalekh tells Sadhna that he realized this Chawl is different from the rest of the world where they are talking if inter caste marriage is right or wrong, Sadhna says it is possible as Bhim Rao lives here and she feels a light would go out of the Chawl that will change everything. Ramji calls them both saying they should come with him tomorrow morning as he has arranged for them to go far away, Bhim coming says it is not right to run away and he will keep saying it, while love does not seem good if they run as it is the work of criminals. Ramji agrees saying ti is not suitable to live here and how many times would they protect them, while love should not fight for the entire life. Aalekh says they donot want to fight and desire they both should remain happy for which they must go far away from here, Sadhna says tomorrow they will have the last breakfast with him, Bhim leaves after being disheartened, Ramji says he knows Bhim would think n the night and then present an idea but they would leave before the morning happens so they can reach the station.

Aalekh and Sadhna take the blessing of Shoba who asks them to not even write as then their address would be revealed after which no one would leave them, Aalekh asks Shoba to apologize from Bhim on their behalf as they are leaving while he is asleep, Shoba says Bhim knows it all and they donot have to tell him anything as he can even understand the others so now they both should leave, Aalekh and Sadhna walk down the stairs while Ramji is waiting for them saying they both should hurry up, Shoba is looking at her brother leaving so gets emotional.

Ramji gives twenty rupees to the person saying he should take them both away, the person walks away with Aalekh and Sadhna, Meghnath is looking at Ramji while hiding behind the tree vowing to end the life of Ramji as he is the strength of Bhim, while after which he will kill Aalekh and Sadhna, Meghnath furiously starts walking towards Ramji who is looking in the other direction, Meghnath is about to hit Ramji but is stopped by someone, Meghnath gets worried.