Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao witnesses his father getting married again.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Jijabai stops Rama, insists Rama to get her ready, she also taunts Bhim Rao for being criminal who will get shot leaving Rama as a widow behind.

The carriage taking Bhim Rao stopped midway, he was taken off the ride and ordered guns to be pointed here. The advisor asked official to kill Bhim Rao, blame him for trespassing.
Jijabai argues with Rama, she breaks her bangles.

Bhim Rao questions, the official is trying to teach Bhim Rao a life lesson, thinks that its better to kill Bhim Rao than make him go throw hard phases of his life. Bhim Rao points out that even the government is punished for breaking the law. The official thought that Bhim Rao doesn’t get scared easily but wants to see Bhim Rao be scared today. Three four bullets will be fired in a minute.

Rama cries, Jijabai questions her for crying before her husband’s death, she should wait for him to die at least. Before Rama needs to dress Jijabai, Rama begs to have herself released. Rama calls Karuna and Lakshmi to help, they help get Rama free from Jijabai. Rama runs away. Karuna questions Jijabai about Rama’s tears, Jijabai starts crying in return. Karun questions, Jijabai asks her to tell why she is crying. Jijabai doesn’t know, so Karuna should ask Rama. Jijabai loves acting mentally ill.

The official orders his men to kill Bhim Rao. Bala and Anand come to rescue, they can not let him die like this, will tell Maharaj about it. The official said that they caught Bhim Rao running away, they will take him to his father’s wedding now.

Rama keeps crying, Lakshmi and Karuna keeps questioning her. Rama hugs Karuna, she understands that Jijabai said something about Bhim Rao. Karuna consoles her, Jijabai is ill, thus shouldn’t be taken seriously. Bhim Rao will be fine. Lakshmi calms her. Anand announces Bhim Rao’s return. Rama hugs Bhim Rao and cries. He investigates. Hitesh questions Rama for crying on Jijabai’s happy occasion. Jijabai asks who got ill. She comes out all dressed for her wedding. Jijabai asks everyone if she looks pretty, like a bride. Hitesh and his friends compliment her. She asks for her groom.

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Ramji hears her voice; wonders the limits she will cross. Meera calls Ramji. He wants her to give him some herbs for death. Meera asks Rami to come outside before Jijabai does something. Bhimabai’s death was the most terrible thing that happened to him but with time. The pain of her loss kept growing and eventually took hold of his life. He is missing Bhimabai today. Meera can only hope For Bhimabai to return but that isnt possible. If Ramji doesn’t go out right now, Jijabai will create a new issue. Life gives us lemons and we need to accept them. She tells that Bhim Rao is waiting outside, he must get upset seeing Ramji like this. She can not imagine what he must be going through. Ramji questions, he cannot get married in front of Bhim Rao, he hated him marrying Jijabai at first place. Meera and Ramji are helpless right now. Before Jijabai creates another scene, Ramji should get dressed.

Ramji comes out, Meera accompanies him. Jijabai questions Meera being around Ramji all the time. Shoba clarifies that Meera is her mother, Jijabai stops her from arguing with the bride. Jijabai asks for Mala, gives one to Ramji. Hitesh was asked to distribute flowers; everyone should throw them at her. Bhim Rao refuses to take the flowers. Ramji dressed the Mala, Ramji followed, and everyone threw flowers at them like rituals. Jijabai complains to Ramji about Bhim Rao not throwing flowers at her, asks Ramji to make Bhim Rao throw flowers at her or she will expose Ramji. He asks Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao tell that like previous time he still has problem with Ramji’s marriage to Jijabai.

The Episode Ends.