Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Meera knows about Jijabai.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Jijabai wakes up seeing Meera sleeping inside the house. She gathers everyone from the chawl. Everyone questions, Jijabai will tell everyone once Meera comes out. She yells at Meera to come out, everyone sees Meera coming out of the house. Meera questions Jijabai. Jijabai questions Meera for sleeping inside when she was allowed to sleep outside.

The manager reaches the office wondering why the office was still closed. He unlocked the door to find Bhim Rao waiting inside. Bhim Rao explained what happened, the manager asked him to keep his distance, what happened was well deserved, its better for Bhim Rao to leave. Bhim Rao questions, best comes from worst places.

Jijabai questions Meera for entering her house without permission. Hitesh and others support Jijabai. Rama and other family members request Jijabai to let Meera stay. Jijabai refuses. Hitesh asks Shoba to take Meera to her home. Meera will leave but, on a condition, she wants Jijabai to hug her. Jijabai was confused with the drama, laughing at Meera for her absurd demand. Meera will not leave until Jijabai hugs her. Purushottam asks Jijabai to comply. Jijabai spreads her arm for a hug, Meera leans forward. Meera tells Jijabai that she has evidence about Jijabai not being mentally ill, either she let her stay home or will leak her truth. Jijabai takes Ramji inside. Karuna asks Meera about Jijabai going inside.

Jijabai questions Ramji to tell Meera the truth, Jijabai will tell everyone about the whole truth. Meera tells Ramji didn’t tell her anything. Meera showed the evidence. Meera always doubted her, kept an eye on her. She noticed Jijabai was not taking a single medicine, Meera took the medicine and Jijabai never tried to find it. Meera remained silent, didn’t want to use it as an excuse to come back home but Bhim Rao and Rama came to her last night.

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They asked Meera to come home with them, they didn’t like Meera sleeping outside. Bhim Rao knows that Ramji did everything for a reason, he will find the problem. They took Meera inside. Meera knows that Bhim Rao will find the truth, she didn’t want him to find the truth that Jijabai played to be mad to stop him, and Ramji knew.

Hitesh wonders what’s happening. They discussed whether to let Meera enter the house or not and now this. Shoba asks Rama to see. They didn’t like to get involved when elders were talking.

Meera gave Jijabai two options, either to tell everyone the whole truth or let her stay in this house. Meera will not tell anyone about this. Ramji reminds that they will get stuck in the process, asks Jijabai to do as she likes. Jijabai doesn’t want to lose Ramji because of Meera. Jijabai goes out. Ramji questions Meera for staying silent despite knowing everything. Ramji tells that Jijabai will speak ill of her. Meera doesn’t care, they will fight this new battle themselves.

The distributors come back. The manager asks Bhim Rao to show the records. Bhim Rao says that nothing was written in it as the distributors left without informing him. The manager asks Bhim Rao to fill in the papers.

Joku asks Jijabai to throw Meera’s luggage. Jijabai grabs the luggage and tells that Meera will stay inside the house. Rama wondered what happened, she will discuss it with Bhim Rao.

Bhim Rao questioned; he cannot fill without knowing the records. The manager blamed him for being a graduate and not knowing how to fill in papers. Bhim Rao questions him for mocking his education. The manager agrees, he should have stayed illiterate. The distributors refused to tell Bhim Rao anything. The manager will not let Bhim Rao stay here for long.

The Episode Ends.