Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shoba finds out about Purushottam.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode Bhim Rao assures not letting the children waste their pages, he brought money as well. He gives Deepak money to buy children new books, the children refuse, they don’t want the money to take away their aim to fight these battles. Bhim Rao doesn’t intend so, the children being here is achievement in its own. The children ask if their parents said something. Bhim Rao refuses, the children will take the money and still fight with Bhim Rao. Vaijnath asks if he will continue with the drama. He wants to know if Bhim Rao likes Deepak struggle with him, doesn’t he care about Deepak’s father starving. Deepak doesn’t care but Vaijnath instigates Bhim Rao on the matter. Vaijnath leaves. Bhim Rao leaves Deepak with a task.

Bhim Rao Ponders on what Vaijnath said. Vaijnath knows that Purushottam is stronger and smarter than Hitesh, Joku and Janardan. He will teach Bhim Rao a lesson.

Hitesh and others advise Purushottam not to give up. Phuliya questions Joku to continue with the drama. Purushottam wonders, Bhim Rao doing it is considered virtuous but not them. Hitesh forbids everyone from calling them a drama, Bhim Rao who fights for value left them unintended. Rama is leaving as well, Ramji agrees, they need to arrange papers for Bhim Rao. Purushottam taunts Bhim Rao for not caring. Rama defies, tells that Bhim Rao is coming back leaving his work to help Purushottam. Bhim Rao asks what he can do for Purushottam. He wants to know if he is allowed to get his son married. Shoba interferes, she will not allow Purushottam to do so. Purushottam considers her speaking Bhim Rao’s strength. Bhim Rao wants Shoba not to interfere, he will talk to Purushottam himself. Hitesh asks him to explain. Rama silenced Hitesh, no one is allowed to interfere. Purushottam wants Bhim Rao to reason why Deepak’s early marriage is wrong.

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Deepak, writing questions with the other boy’s wonders what if Purushottam misbehaves with Bhim Rao that he cannot tolerate.

Everyone wants Bhim Rao to give a solution, Rama agrees. Bhim Rao asks Purushottam to come with him. He asks Purushottam to carry a rock, he questions why. Bhim Rao wants him to carry it, Purshottam refuses. Bhim Rao will explain only if he complies with him. Hitesh asks Purushottam to lift the rock. Purushottam was unable to life the rock. Bhim Rao approves of his efforts, but he doesn’t have the strength to carry that rock. Bhim Rao says that he can carry the rock with everyone’s help. He wants to explain that everything needs strength, social life needs mental strength which Deepak lacks in this age. Rama says that a wife and husband relationship is no easy milestone. Deepak’s so-called father-in-law interferes, asking that rock should be examined. Deepak interferes, he isn’t ready to carry that burden. Deepak will not listen to anyone; Bhim Rao is the only one right here. Purushottam will continue with his strike. Bhim Rao asks him to strike but not starve. Bhim Rao will do the same, Rama questions. Bhim Rao will starve for his people; he respects Purushottam’s father. Bhim Rao leaves with Deepak. Ramji and Rama left as well. Shoba taunts Purushottam for being merciless, he is acting against the man who got him home here. Purushottam is thankful for Bhim Rao’s help but can not obey him, asks Shoba to leave. Hitesh calls Purushottam his chief. The man takes Purushottam outside to talk.

The man threatens Purushottam, he has taken the dowry money. Shoba hears there conversation. Purushottam requests her to let Deepak get married. Shoba thought that a father’s affection wanted his son to get married, she will never let Deepak get married now. Purushottam will teach Deepak, Shoba, and Bhim Rao a lesson.

The Episode Ends.