Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Bala threatens to hit Karuna.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode, Ramji scolds Anand for his inconvenient talk. He sends Karuna to bring Bala inside. Rama consoles Lakshmi.

Karuna calls Bala inside, he doesn’t want to eat. She questions him for holding grudges for everything. Bala cannot compromise his ego. Karuna questions, she forgave him for marrying another woman so why he can’t let go of his drama. Bala threatens to beat Karuna. Rama hears their conversations.

Rama tells Bhim Rao about it and condemns both Bala and Anand’s behavior. Bhim Rao agrees, he has seen men suppressing women, it would continue to happen if women kept depending on men. A man wants woman to consider them better, in such scenarios, women need to stand up for themselves. Karuna and Lakshmi needs to do the same, he can foresee a time when women will have to fight for themselves, a fight more important than caste difference. Rama agrees, fights become easier by having a husband’s support, like her and unlike Karuna and Lakshmi. Bhim Rao wants Rama to teach Karuna and Lakshmi to fight for their rights without cutting ties with their spouse. Bhim Rao asks her to sleep, he will study for a while. Rama wants him to sleep, he has early work. An hour is left for his duty, he wants to study meanwhile, Rama is here to take care of him anyways. Rama sets her bed while Bhim Rao reads his book. Rama has a question; Bhim Rao asks her to sleep. Rama insists, asks if people like him don’t sleep much, and if they sleep less do, they not get tired. Bhim Rao doesn’t know much; he can tell that people with big dreams cannot afford laziness.

Ramji wakes Jijabai tells that Meera is awake outside so she can not sleep here. Jijabai hasn’t committed any crime to suffer, Ramji demands her to go out. He decides to drag her, Jijabai wakes up from the dream. Ramji wasn’t in his bed, comes from outside, tells that people conspiring against others are never peaceful. Jijabai sleeps again. Ramji sits near her; Jijabai will not let Meera inside the house ever again.

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Bhim Rao was almost asleep, but it was time for his job. He gets up, covers Rama with a quilt, she surrenders her life to his battles. Bhim Rao leaves the chawl, finds Deepak studying. He had an exam, was studying for it, Bhim Rao used to do the same. Purushottam heard their conversation. Rama brings him milk; she will be by his side for all the future battles. Bhim Rao shares that milk with Deepak while he enjoys breakfast, gives Deepak the rest. Bhim Rao leaves, Rama congratulates him. Rama will wait for Deepak to finish his breakfast. Rama recalls not putting milk done the stove, she left. Purushottam came to Deepak asking about Bhim Rao. Deepak believes in Bhim Rao; he loves him more than anyone like the majority of other people. He tells that Purushottam will start trusting Bhim Rao as well.

Bhim Rao comes to the office, workers were sleeping. Bhim Rao asks them to wake up, they question Bhim Rao for teaching them work. The men belong to upper caste, Bhim Rao can not order them. Bhim Rao is asking them to do their job, regardless of caste difference. It isn’t a usual day because previously they had a manager from upper caste. Bhim Rao asks them to work for their family, orders them to count he bundles they are taking out. The men refuse to do so, they looked Bhim Rao inside the office. Bhim Rao begs them to open the door, the men laughed at him and left.

In the morning, Jijabai wakes up, she was agitated after seeing something against her will.

The Episode Ends.