Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Jijabai has gone mad.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode Lakshmi and Karuna console Rama. She questions Hitesh and his hatred against her husband. Karuna wants Rama not to burn her soul. Rama will not remain silent, she stands as a representative of her husband, will fight everything he has been fighting for. Bhim Rao may have left but Rama is still here. Malo rushes to chawl, informing them about Jijabai’s stunt.

Everyone rushes over to Jijabai. Bhim Rao advises to take her to hospital. The official questions Bhim Rao, he has to accompany them. Bhim Rao apologies, he needs to be with his family for now. The official will declare Bhim Rao a criminal. Bhim Rao can not help but be a criminal to help his family.

Vaijnath admires destiny playing for his benefits. Sethji was fortunate to have been mobbed. The theft provided them with the opportunity to stop Bhim Rao. According to the condition, Bhim Rao will go to the palace now. Both Vaijnath and Sethji have some links there. Vaipal rushes to inform about Jijabai’s accident. Bhim Rao will not travel until she recovers. Vaijnath loves the news; he is here to spice Bhim Rao’s life.

The doctor examines Jijabai, tells that she has some internal injuries. The doctor must wait for her to gain consciousness. Meera brings Ramji out, questions what made her jump in the well. Ramji told Meera that he asked her to stop Bhim Rao, in return Ramji will become the husband she wanted. Meera questions, Rama hears the conversation. She wanted to inform Bhim Rao, but Ramji denied it. He requests her to let the fight be with them only. Lakshmi informs that Jijabai has woken up but is talking nonsense.

Jijabai tells Karuna that she is getting married today, she insists on being taken to her husband. Bhim Rao calls the doctor. Jijabai keeps insisting. The doctor thinks that Jijabai might have gone mad from jumping in the well. He advises everyone to keep goo care of her for speedy recovery, and asked Ramji to stay with Jijabai, it might help her recover. Everyone leaves. Ramji questions Jijabai for acting up. She questions who he is, Ramji tells that he is her husband. He asks her to recover. Jijabai did her job, now it’s Ramji’s turn. Jijabai was acting, the acting for which Ramji came asking for her help. She did her part, now it’s Ramji’s turn. Ramji remembers his promise. Jijabai asks him to be with her, she can keep Bhim Rao here till he obeys her. Ramji should make sure that no one finds out that Jijabai isn’t mad. She wants Ramji to speak up. Ramji agrees. Jijabai bursts into laughter.

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Rama wonders what the Maharaj will do upon hearing this news. Bhim Rao doesn’t know. Lakshmi thinks that Bhim Rao should have left, they were here. Bhim Rao would have left it if there was anyone else in her position but in the case of Jijabai, she would have made everyone’s life a living hell with her taunts. Ramji comes to them; Meera asks about Jijabai. Ramji tells that she has gone mad. Bhim Rao wants him not to worry, they will talk to the doctor. Ramji seeks forgiveness from everyone foy lying, something he despised his entire life.

Shishupal informs Vaijanth about Jijabai going mad. Vaijnath was intrigued, wondering if she actually got mad for making a fool out of everyone. Bhim Rao stayed behind for her. Vaijnath was amazed to know that Bhim Rao defied the official and Maharaj for his stepmother. He asked for the officials’ address, and he went to meet him.

Jijabai was brought back to chawl, she was laughing uncontrollably. Daliya asked how Jijabai is, she replied about being fine. Shoba asked what happened, Jijabai refused to recognize her. Hitesh, Joku and Janardan taunt Jijabai, she has gone made, the daily struggles weren’t acceptable for her. Rama asks everyone to leave her alone, Jijabai is not well. Jijabai pushed Rama away asking her to keep quiet. Jijabai starts laughing at her.

The Episode Ends.