Durga Aur Charu 27th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Real Chatur comes

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Scene 1
Sampurna asks what are you hiding? She shows dry fruits. Durga changed them when Polash came. She says I thought I would decorate it with dry fruits. Sampurna says let her make the cake Polash. Bholi says it looks so tasty. Sumona says it’s not yours, don’t put an eye on other people’s things. Chatur cuts the cake and makes Bholi and Chumki eat the cake with bhaang. Charu makes Polash eat the same cake. She cuts the other cake and makes the rest of them eat the other cake.

Charu comes to Makay and says Bapu lets’ go home. Do we have to expose that Bholi. he says why are you dressed as a guy? She says I will explain to you. Sampurna laughs crazily while Bholi is normal. Sumona laughs too. They are drunk instead of other people. Binoy is drunk too. Bholi says have they lost their mind? Durga says oh God we mixed the cakes. Bholi says is this how people get on your birthdays here? Chatur’s dad calls. She says I am Bholi… Bholi dances as well. Durga says it’s in both cakes. Chatur comes there. She tells Durga to come upstairs. Durga takes Bholi upstairs. Everyone dances downstairs.

Scene 2
Bholi comes to her room. She sees Makay. She’s shocked. Does she say what ma I seeing? She dances around him? Makay stands confused. Charu says to try to recall what she did to you. Bholi says who are you? I’ve seen you before. Makay. She laughs. She dances around him. Makay recalls everything. his head hurts. He holds his head. He throttles Bholi. Bholi screams. Charu and Durga stop him. Charu says she will die. They take makay outside. Bholi faints there.

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Scene 3
The next morning, Charu says to Bholi do you remember last night? It was my birthday. Everyone goes intoxicated. You were throttling me and calling the name Makay. You said I will kill you. Bholi is scared. Durga comes to the kitchen. She says I should ask Vikas’s dad to make tea for everyone. Real Chatur comes there. Durga is shocked. Bholi says what are you saying? Does Charu say are you okay phopi? Did you strangle Makay? I don’t know why were you saying all tihs. If you killed Makay why is charu blamed? Durga says Chatur what are you doing here? He says I had to come and tease you. Durga wonders what to do. She sees Charu with bholi. She calls her downstairs. Charu says phopi you don’t trust me. You don’t tell me anything. Charu leaves. Bholi says I can’t say anything about Makay. Charu comes to the kitchen. She says who is he? Charu says I am Chatur. He says I am Chatur. They’re shocked. Charu says what will we do now? He goes out. Durga and Charu stop him. Charu says your loudspeaker. They take him out and make him eat. Chatu says why did you bring me out? Why is this girl dressed like me? Bholi comes to the market. The kids are fighting. Bholi says I will tell Binoy’s uncle everything. Durga and Charu stop him. Bholi sees them.

Episode ends