Doree 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Doree requests Kailashi to get Ganga out

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Scene 1
Kailashi does the arti. Anand gets a call. He asks is it done? Someone confirms him on call. She says that the girl will come to save her dad and get stuck herself. Yash says how was that kid’s fault? She said the right. Kailashi says yes it’s all my fault that I consider you my son. Stay away from our matters. Give lectures in our school. Thakur says people need to pay for their mistakes. That girl questioned your mom’s ego.

Doree thinks about Ganga getting arrested. She cries. Lelu says no one can save Ganga now. This happens when you remove the middle man between workers and owners. Nani says please save my Ganga. Please do something. Doree cries. People request her to save Ganga. She says I can save Gang. Nani says please do that. She says I was the leader of all the workers. Doree comes and sits in her feet. She says please save my dad. Take whatever you want. Did she say anything? The old man says we’re ready to make you our spokesperson again. Doree asks what would we have to do? Doree says please save my dad.

Scene 2
The manager of the house asks Kailashi where is Mansi. She says do your work. Mansi comes downstairs. Kailashi ignores her. Mansi leaves. Anand says maa we’re already insulted. if Mansi leaves the house we will get defamed more. I think she should stay here or we can lose the deal. Kailashi says she can stay here. But tell her to never do such a thing again. Vansh thanks Kailashi. Anand says to Mansi I won’t let you go out of this house and expose me. Mansi is worried. She says I had to find my daughter. Please help me find her God.

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Vansh plays outside with a slingshot. Lelu comes in with Doree. Doree sits on Kailashi’s feet. She says please forgive me. I can tell everyone I lied. I will apologize to you in front of everyone. please get my dad out. Kailashi says your dad made a mistake. She says my dad made no mistake. It’s all my fault. Baba is very nice. Doree cries. Anand says we gave you work, called you here for food and you did this. Doree says you can punish me. Don’t punish my dad, please. Anand says you’ve done the damage. All workers would lose their work. Kailashi says what are you saying. This won’t be fair. Lelu says can we find a middle ground? Kailashi says we will get your dad out but you will have to do what we ask. Doree says I will do what you ask. Kailashi asks anything? she says yes. Kailashi says stay away, my saree would get dirty. She says Anand get her dad out. Doree says thank you.

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