Doree 27th December 2023 Written Episode Update : Neelu kidnaps Doree

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Komal says to Kailashi that this Doree injured our Vansh, she should be punished. Kailashi Devi gets angry and burns Doree and says you are poor and you come here and try to make our men work. Doree says to her, what’s wrong in this even my father cooks. Kailashi says to her, the fault is in your father to raise such daughter and he should be punished. Doree stops her and says it’s my mistake and I should be punished I will accept any punishment don’t punish my father. Kailashi debi asks Doree to swipe the whole house and if she finds any dirt she will make her do everything again.

Anand waiting for Neelu pours salt in the trunk. He calls Neelu and asks her where is she and tell her that he’s added salt inside the trunk and urges her to bring Doree immediately. He believes this will result in her demise, ensuring no one can trace it back to him. Meanwhile, Doree, nursing her burnt hand, asks Kailashi Devi how she’ll manage to clean the house. Kailashi Devi decides to punish her father for the incident, to which Doree reluctantly agrees to clean the house.

Concerned for Doree’s future, Ganga Prasad contemplates sending her to school and worries about what will become of her after his passing. He recalls memories of her mother and bitterly reflects on her actions, feeling she wasn’t a good mother, evident by her abandonment of Doree in the river. Neelu sees an opportunity to abduct Doree and heads to meet Anand in the storeroom. Meanwhile, Ganga Prasad, feeling dizzy, sits down. Mansi notices his condition and inquires about his well-being, suggesting he consult a doctor. He expresses concern about Doree’s future to Mansi and asks if she’d care for Doree after he’s gone.

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Neelu accidentally spills chloroform, rendering Doree unconscious. She swiftly takes Doree to the storeroom, hiding her inside a mat. Ganga Prasad continues to worry about Doree’s well-being and his limited time left. He considers saving money for her future. In another scene, Kailashi Devi tends to Vansh’s wound, prompting a comparison between Doree and Vansh’s injuries. Despite Doree’s more severe injury, Vansh’s reaction gains more attention. This sparks tension, leading to Vansh splashing water on Komal’s face and Kailashi Devi applauding him.

Ganga Prasad prepares rotis for Doree, highlighting his anticipation of her return after completing her training. Meanwhile, Neelu ensures the hall remains empty. Komal, in her frustration, adds excessive spice to Vansh’s food, and Ganga Prasad, looking for Doree, faces Neelu’s efforts to keep her hidden. This creates further tension between family members, with Vansh accusing Doree of causing his injury and Kailashi Devi assigning her the task of cleaning the house with a broom, infuriating Ganga Prasad.

Ganga Prasad challenges Kailashi Devi’s decision, asserting his desire to provide Doree with books instead of a broom. This leads to a heated argument, with Ganga Prasad expressing his willingness to cross any line for Doree’s well-being.

Precap: Neelu gets Doree. Anand gets happy. Ganga Prasad walks to Kailashi Devi and says I will destroy my whole family if I don’t find my daughter. Anand checks carpet and gets angry on not seeing Doree. Doree stuck gets uneasy and prays for her safety.