Doree 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update : Kailashi Devi burns Doree’s hand

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Kailashi devi starts training Doree, she teaches her only men walk with head straight up, women should always have their eyes down. Doree asks her why is that when God has given similar eyes to both. Kailashi Devi says to her because girls are below boys they can never equal boys. Doree looks at Vansh and says I am thirsty I will get some water and leaves.

Neelu looks at Mansi’s picture and says your husband is mad for me and soon I will take your place and with your husband I will also conquer Kailashi’s throne and reputation because I deserve it. Neelu opens Mansi’s cupboard. Neelu carefully drapes Mansi’s saree on herself, inspecting the jewelry. In the midst of this, Doree enters, wrapped in a bedsheet. She confidently tells Kailashi Devi that she doesn’t need to lower her gaze as she’s taller than Vansh. Kailashi Devi notices Satho carrying Doree, scolding him for entering without permission. Vansh intervenes and pushes them down. Meanwhile, Anand questions Neelu’s presence in his room and accuses her of plotting to abduct Doree.

Neelu retorts, accusing Anand of looking down on her and demands him to take Doree away from the house within two hours. Kailashi Devi insists that Satho should be on the floor, leading to an argument. Vansh insists Doree is creating a scene, but she questions Kailashi Devi’s gender-based notions. Despite the debate, Kailashi Devi instructs Doree on traditional gender roles, emphasizing her first cooking task.

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In the kitchen, Mansi and Komal are cooking. Kailashi Devi comments on their affluent upbringing despite their kitchen work, contrasting it with Doree’s background, insisting she should cook. She assigns various chores to everyone, demanding 50 rotis from Doree. Mansi questions how Doree can manage alone, but Kailashi Devi assigns additional tasks, warning Doree of punishment if she fails.

Vansh teases Doree while Kailashi Devi pressures her to finish quickly. Facing difficulties with water flow, Doree struggles and ends up spilling, resulting in cleaning the floor as punishment. Further tasks involve cutting vegetables, which Doree does incorrectly, leading to a cut finger. Vansh criticizes her, but Kailashi Devi instructs her to redo it.

Neelu observes Kailashi Devi’s demands, frustrated by the delay in her plans. Kailashi Devi leaves Vansh to keep watch, and Doree questions why only girls receive such training. Vansh claims boys know everything, but Doree challenges him to make roti. In the attempt, Vansh burns his hand accidentally. When Kailashi Devi arrives, Vansh falsely blames Doree, leading to Kailashi Devi burning Doree’s hand.

Precap: Ganga Prasad meets Mansi and asks for help and says if something happens to me will you take care of my Doree.