Doree 23rd December 2023 Written Episode Update : Mansi confides in Anand about her feelings for Doree

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Vansh and his friends bully Doree and call her bad blood and say so she was thrown away.
Mansi looks at sketches she drew missing her daughter and is in tears and says wish I was with you, I would have pampered you so much.

Mansi feels a deep connection whenever she’s near Doree, almost as if Doree belonged to her. She even tells her daughter not to be upset if she made room for Doree in her heart. When Doree’s Diwali dress gets ruined, Mansi offers her own dress and shares her feelings about things.

Doree recalls a conversation with Ganga Prasad about her parents abandoning her. Ganga expresses his commitment to her, feeling he can do anything for her and motivates her, reminding her of his unique affection.

Doree stands up for herself, asserting that she’s not a coward and fiercely defending her father’s love. Mansi gifts clothes and dolls to Ganga Prasad for Doree, who initially refuses but eventually accepts, acknowledging Mansi’s kindness. Doree confronts Vansh, stands up for herself, and helps him up when he falls, warning him not to forget her gesture.

In a heartfelt moment, Mansi reveals to Ganga Prasad that she considers Doree her daughter, sharing the sorrow of losing her own child to outdated beliefs. Anand, overhearing this, worries about the truth coming out. Ganga Prasad faints, and Mansi assists him while keeping the truth hidden, worrying about his health and not wanting to worry Doree.

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Doree arrives, grateful for the dress, and Mansi helps her get ready. Ganga Prasad admires Doree’s appearance, while Mansi reflects on how she would have treated her own daughter. Anand fears the secret might come out and swiftly takes Mansi away. Vansh causes trouble, informing Kailash Devi about Doree’s actions, leading to a confrontation. Mansi confides in Anand about her feelings for Doree, seeing her as her own. Anand is in shock.

Pre cap: Kailashi says if Doree was in my control I would make her so capable. Nani says to Kailashi, Doree is under her guidance now.