Doree 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Anand gets arrested

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Scene 1
Ganga asks Doree did you file a report against Anand? Menu says thakurs give us work. Old people ask Doree to take her complaint back. She says they’re bad people. Menu says Ganga go and take the complaint back.

Kailashi says our family only inaugurates police stations and you want my son to be in jail? The inspector says there’s always the first time. The kid filed the report and I have the footage. You were in the car too and Anand hit the man. Nothing can happen until she takes her complaint back. Anand says you don’t know who I am. I can get your uniform off. She says I can get your respect off. I will also arrest anyone who comes in between. She arrests Anand.

Doree says baba you taught me, that old people should get punished. People say Ganga thinks about us. Where will we earn from? Nani says take this report back? Ganga says how can she stay silent on my injuries? He says Doree won’t take the report back. Anand is taken to the police station. Komal says to Mansi your husband will stay in jail for the girl you were defending.

Menu says Ganga are you out of your mind? You will mess with thakurs? Ganga says we’ve to stand with the truth. Menu says if you fight with thakurs we will boycott you. People leave in anger. Doree asks where are they going? Ganga’s friend says our livelihood doesn’t matter to you. Satu leaves with his dad. Nani says she will ruin my son’s life. Ganga says to Doree world is like that. No one stands with the truth. Doree says did I do such a bad thing? He says no.

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Scene 2
Kailashi thinks about Anand’s arrest. She gets angry. Yash and Sudha come. Yash says Anand has made a big mistake. Vansh comes to Kailashi’s room and hugs her. He says dadi please do something. Get papa out. Kailashi says don’t worry. We know our ways but we’ve to be smart. She says we’ve to clip her wings. She says we have to win. You’re the hunter and she’s the prey.

Scene 3
Doree thinks how can she make everyone happen. Vansh comes there looking for her. Doree goes to get halwa poori for everyone. Vansh tries to hit her with a slingshot. Mansi comes in front, it hits Mansi. Vansh wonders how she came here. Doree says are you okay? Your head is bleeding. Sit here. She cleans her wound. Dorree says is it hurting? Mansi says no anymore. Your hands are like cream. She says baba says my hand has magic. Dioree says did you also come for halwa puri? She says no. Mansi recalls Kailashi asked her to play with Doree’s emotions and play as a mother. And the request her to take her complaint back. She said be a good wife, you couldn’t be a good mom. Doree asks why are you crying? Mansi says I am scared. Doree says don’t worry. God is for everyone. God sent that bad uncle to jail. She says he’s my husband. Take your complaint back. I beg you. Doree says but he’s and. She says he’s my husband. Doree says is being husband above being good or bad? She says yes for a wife. I apologize on his behalf. Please take your complaint back.

Episode ends