Doree 20th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ganga gets punished

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Scene 1
Kailashi throws the saree at Ganga. He says I brought it here carefully and gave it to Raj. raj says I didn’t even touch the pack. He’s lying Anand hits Ganga. He says do you even know the price of this saree? You’re accusing my brother? Doree says my dad never lies. He can never do that. Vansh takes her dress and cuts it into pieces. He says your dad ruined my dadis’ saree so I cut yours. Kailashi says you’ve to pay us back. This saree is worth 5 lacs. The order you guys made is of one lacs. You won’t get it. The remaining 4 lacs it debt on you. Now you will work for us until you pay back this loan. Ganga says how can I do that? She says you’ve to stay as our bonded worker. Our slave until you pay back. He says I didn’t lie. I am poor but I don’t lie. Anand hits Ganga. Raj says we brought this dirt in ourselves. Anand says you are our slave now. Raj says accept you tore it. He says I can’t lie. You can punish me but I will keep saying I didn’t do it.

Thakur Ji comes and asks what happened? Kailashi says this is my justice. He deserves this. Anand says I will tell you. Kailashi leaves in anger.

Scene 2
Ganga cries in the servant quarter. Dadi says what kind of Diwali is this. Ganga says I am sorry. I thought I would get you admitted to the school. I failed. I couldn’t do anything. Dore says don’t worry we will do something. Doree prays for Ganga. Mansi sees her. Doree hugs Mansi. Mansi cries. Mansi says your dad is the best father. He would never lose. If every daughter had a father like you she’d never cry. All daughters would be loved. God will never let him suffer. You have to find a way. Doree hugs her. She says you’re like dad so kind. I wish everyone was like you. She says rich people have small hearts.

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Scene 3
Satu says we can make a saree for thakurain. Doree says Baba didn’t tear it. Doree says I want to go back home. VAnsh comes and says that’s a matchbox. See my palace. I am the prince and you and your dad will always be servants here. Doree wonders how the saree tears? Doree says he has to tell how he got the saree piece.
Doree says I am Devi maa. Tell me how did you get the saree piece? Vansh says forgive me, please. He gets scared. Vansh says the saree was not torn by Doree and her dad. Someone else did it.

Kailashi gets the food ready. Komla says to Mansi Anand looks very mad at Doree. What if he had a daughter himself? He says I would have thrown her in the river.

Episode ends 

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