Doree 17th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Doree unveils the truth!

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Doree dances in front of Ganga Prasad and Mansi’s dead bodies, crying her heart out. Rukmini thinks Doree can’t bring them back to life and vows to send her to join her parents. A saint arrives and gives something to Ganga Prasad and Mansi. Govind asks what he has done, and the saint says he has returned their lives because God listened to the child’s prayers. He adds that if they all pray together, Ganga Prasad and Mansi will come back to life. Everyone prays, and to everyone’s surprise, Ganga Prasad and Mansi open their eyes. Rukmini is shocked. Bhairavi helps Mansi up, and Anand arrives, stunned by the scene. He asks Rukmini if they are alive, and she says she can’t understand how Doree fought against Yamaraj today.

Doree hugs Mansi and Ganga Prasad, telling Mansi to call her daughter, not aunty, because she has learned the truth. Doree announces that Mansi is her mother, and she is her daughter, shocking everyone. Mansi admits it and hugs her, feeling like she has regained her world. Mansi apologizes for not being able to save Doree that day, explaining that she left home and tried hard to save her. Doree reassures her, saying she loves her and that she has her family back. She also says she loves her baba a little more. Ganga smiles at her. Nani asks Ganga if Doree is Mansi’s daughter, and he nods. Yash adds that it seems true, as he saw Mansi crying silently many times, missing her daughter. Nani thanks God for reuniting Doree with her family. Doree says it’s time to punish Rukmini for her deeds.

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Doree reveals the truth to the minister, who assures Doree that Rukmini will be punished if her crime is proven. The minister orders Bhairavi to search Rukmini’s house. Rukmini tells Anand to destroy the evidence and runs away with it. Ganga and the police arrive. Bhairavi tells Anand that Rukmini escaped with the evidence, making it hard to punish her without it. Rukmini, thinking she has escaped justice, says no one can arrest her without evidence.

Some girls appear, calling Rukmini “Dadi,” and question why she killed them. Rukmini confesses her crime to them. Doree arrives and says the daughters will punish Rukmini today and that she can’t escape. Rukmini insists there is no evidence against her. Doree recalls bribing Anand to help her, and he revealed Rukmini’s truth. Bhairavi recorded everything on her phone and tells Rukmini she is under arrest.

Precap: None