Doree 16th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Pavitra hatches an evil plan

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Ganga Prasad asks Govind to take care of Flora until he returns. Govind assures him that he doesn’t need to worry about her. He asks how Ganga will find Doree. Mansi suspects that Rukmini and Anand are behind the kidnapping. Govind questions how Mansi plans to save Doree from them. Suddenly, someone makes them unconscious.

Rukmini tells Doree that she has ruined the lives of all the girls in this place and will end Doree’s life too. She declares Doree as the destroyer of her life, saying not even God can save her. Doree regains consciousness and mentions Baba’s name. Rukmini mocks her, saying that Ganga Prasad is not her real father. Doree insists that Ganga Prasad is her true father, but Rukmini claims he brought her there to kill her. Doree is shocked to see Anand’s face and realizes he is her father. Anand admits he threw her into the river, but she survived. Doree recalls past incidents and realizes Mansi is her real mother. Rukmini says it’s time for Doree to die and pulls her.

Doree fights back, threatening to expose them. She says God saved her six years ago and will save her again, vowing to bring justice to all the girls born in the house. She sets a fire and escapes.

Rukmini tells Ganga Prasad that Doree escaped again. Pavitra reveals herself to Ganga Prasad and Mansi. She sets up a hanging noose and tells them they are united only to die together. Pavitra warns Ganga Prasad not to beg for mercy, as she has none. She tells them Mansi will never meet her daughter again, and Ganga Prasad will never see Doree again. Pavitra confesses she never loved Ganga Prasad; she only married him because she was pregnant with someone else’s child and had no other option. She left him for the same reason. Flora is not his daughter, and she doesn’t have any heart issues. Pavitra admits she returned to separate him from Doree for Rukmini. Ganga Prasad is shocked by this revelation. Pavitra says they tried hard to separate Doree from him, but they always stayed together. However, now they are going to die, leaving Doree alone without her parents’ love. Pavitra leaves, locking them in.

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Doree meets Bhairavi and reveals everything to her, pleading for help to save Mansi and Ganga Prasad from Rukmini. Bhairavi assures her she will find them. She advises Doree to speak to the minister at the temple to expose the truth and seek help. Doree agrees. Later, Yash is puzzled about why Anand asked him to open the solar shringar. He doesn’t know Anand’s intentions but opens the door, finding Ganga Prasad and Mansi struggling to breathe.

Doree meets the minister, but Rukmini believes she’s about to be exposed. Doree tries to speak, but Bhairavi arrives with the dead bodies of Ganga Prasad and Mansi. Doree is devastated and questions what happened to them. Govind and Nani cry beside the bodies. Doree, in her grief, vows to bring them back to life, believing she can do it like Savithri. She cries out in sorrow. Rukmini smirks, and Yash tells Doree that they are gone and will not return, but Doree refuses to accept it.

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