Doosri Maa 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Arvind Insults Babuji


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The episode starts with Babuji telling Nupur that he will visit her school and pay her school fees. He asks Yashoda to pack her bag and accompany home after he returns from school. Arvind hears their conversation hiding. Yashoda refuses to return him as Arvind will not like and still there is one allegation on her, she will not return until Krishna is accepted. Babuji asks if he doesn’t have any right on his her, Astha, and Nupur. Yashoda says he has right on them, but she can’t accept help; when a woman’s husband runs away, she has to be strong and now she is strong and can’t accept help. Arvind thinks Mahua is madly running around the house, but Babuji wants to bring Yashoda home. Babuji blesses Yashoda and asks Yashoda to drop Astha and Nupur to school. Astha tells him that he wants go to school with him. Babuji says she shall go to school with her mother now, he will pick her and Napur up from school in the evening.

Mahua refuses to have medicine and runs around. Kamini runs behind her. Arvind returns home. Kamini complains that Mahua is refusing to have medicine. Arvind makes Mahua sit and asks her to have medicine. Mahua throws medicine strip away. Babuji enters home and strip falls on his feet. Babuji says she should have medicine and not throw it like this shouldn’t . Mahua says he is right and throws it in dustbin and runs away. Arvind humiliates Babuji for thinking of bringing Yashoda home and asks how can he do that when he knows Yashoda killed his child. Babuji says Yashoda didn’t kill his child. Arvind says he has gone old. Amma warns him to behave with his father. Arvind says Babuji can’t do hard work and hence should do household chores like feeding medicine to Mahua. Arvind says he will not listen to his rubbish and warns him to go to hell. Arvind says he is big enough to take decisions of this home and warns him to dare not bring Yashoda home or else he will use a way which he will not like.

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Kamini tongue lashes Amma and Babuji for angering Arvind and thinking of bringing a woman who killed Arvind’s child and made his wife mad. Babuji returns to his room and gets upset. Amma asks him not to bother about Kamini’s words and asks what did Yashoda say. Babuji says Yashoda refused to return home and said she is strong enough to take care of herself and her children, she won’t return until he accepts Krishna. Amma says he should then. Babuji says Ashok will bring Krishna home after answer his question, till then he will never accept Krishna.

While having dinner, Nupur asks Yashoda to attend her school’s janmastami event and listen to her and Astha’s speech. She invites even Krishna. Krishna hesitates, but agrees on Yashoda’s request. Arvind tells Mahua that he will take her out to have pani puri if she takes medicine. Sonu also convinces Mahua, and she eats medicine. Arvind recalls Kamini and Bansal’s request to adopt Sonu if he wants to get Mahua well as Mahua gets along very well with Sonu. He walks towards their room to talk to them. They both laugh thinking how fool Arvind is and how they manipulated him easily. Arvind enters and says he is really a fool.

Precap: Arvinda refuses to perform Janmastami pooja at home.
Amma and Babuji join Yashoda for pooja. Astha thinks she can’t miss her Bal Gopal’s birthday because of family drama and walks towards Yashoda’s house when goons kidnap her.