Doosri Maa 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Yashoda Proves Her Innocence?


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Randhir walks to Yashoda’s house early morning and says it’s 7 a.m. He asks if she failed to gather evidence against him, she should apologize him and not cross her limits. Yashoda apologizes him and says she lost again and he won again; there is a ritual where a loser will congratulate a winner, so she wants to congratulate him by serving him a tea. Randhir asks if she wants to poison him. Yashoda orders tea for Randhir. Supriya brings tea for Randhir. Randhir is shocked to see her. Manoj with Ustadji walks in and asks Randhir what happened to his law tricks now.

Yashoda asks Randhir if he knows why he gets defeated by Ashok repeatedly; she didn’t complete her law studies, but learnt from Ashok that there are 2 sides of a story. She describes how she caught Supriya with Manoj, Ustadji, and Krishna’s help after Supriya got out of Randhir’s car. Supriya says she will not give evidence against Randhir. Supriya says she should at least give statement to media that she clicked her and Randhir’s photos during the party and defamed her. Manoj and Krishna say Randhir will go to jail anyways and she will to go jail for 5 years for supporting Randhir. Manoj asks how will she take care of her father if she goes to jail. Supriya breaks down and says she is doing all this for her father and works for Randhir since years to support her father. Yashoda comforts her and says Randhir will continue misuse her fear, it’s a question of a woman’s dignity, today it’s her and tomorrow it can be even Supriya.

Out of flashback, Supriya tells Randhir that out of his all bad habits, his worst habit is acting as supporting a person by offering him/her money and then misusing his/her weakness. Manoj asks Randhir if he knows the severity of his crime. Randhir says he should learn to frighten properly, he won’t go to jail for this crime; he wants Yashoda to file complaint against him so that he asks her inappropriate questions and humiliate her in front of the whole world. He tries to leave asking them to file a complaint soon. Ustadji stops him. Yashoda says she is not afraid of facing truth, her Babuji trusted her even when he defamed her and asked her to prove her innocence in front of the society, so let us face the society first and then file complaint against him. She asks Ustadji to take Randhir to a locality where he humiliated her and her family. Randhir warns them to dare not try to misbehave with him or else they will go to jail. Ustadji says he is habituated to go to jail, let him show his place first. He catches Randhir. Manoj and Krishna warn him not to resist or else they will humiliate him all the way.

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Babuji recalls Amma’s words that he dreamt of his granddaughters tying rakhi to his grandson, she fulfilled that dream today. He thinks that dream ended with his grandson. His inner voice says even Krishna is his grandson. He says he doesn’t accept Krishna as his grandson. Astha informs him that today she needs to pay her school fees. Babuji goes to get her fees. Astha thinks Nupur won’t be able to pay her fees as mummy doesn’t have money. Kamini hears that and tells Bansal that everything in this house belongs to them and she will not let Babuji waste money on Astha’s fees. She provokes Arvind that he works hard and everything in this house belongs to him, he shouldn’t let Babuji pay Astha’s fees as it’s Yashoda’s duty to pay Astha’s fees. Bansal says he shouldn’t pay a woman’s daughter fees who killed his son.

Arvind asks Babuji to give Astha’s fees to him as it’s hard earned money and he will not waste it on a woman’s daughter who killed his son. Amma says Arvind saved his shop and Yashoda didn’t kill his son. Arvind says she can’t hide Yashoda’s sin. Krishna enters and says he shouldn’t talk about sin and virtue. Bansal says he is shameless to return here even after being kicked out repeatedly. Kamini stops Krishna from entering the house. Krishna says he doesn’t want to enter this house and came here to inform them that Yashoda called them out to prove her innocence. Whole locality gathers outside. Yashoda asks Randhir to tell that he wrongly defamed her and lied about her character. Randhir stands silently. Ustadji orders him to speak. Randhir says Yashoda’s is innocent. Babuji holds Randhir’s collar and tell that he lied against Yashoda. Randhir says he did. Mob says they are frightening Randhir via Ustadji. Yashoda calls Supriya and asks her to tell truth. Supriya stands silent.

Precap: Amma asks Arvind how can he misbehave with his Babuji. He says he is misbehaving with a man who is supporting a woman who killed his son. Babuji says Yashoda didn’t kill his son. Kamini tells Bansal that Arvind is a fool since his childhood. Arvind enters and says she is right that he is a fool.