Doosri Maa 6th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Alok takes Ashok with him


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The Episode starts with Ashok pushing Varun and is about to throw stone on him, when Alok calls Ashok and asks him to see Krishna. Varun runs away from there. Ashok comes to Krishna and tries to make him come in his senses. He says we have to take him to hospital, but jeep key is not there. Alok says we can’t take him on bike. Ashok lifts Krishna and runs. Yashoda and Manoj see Varun running on the road. They stop the car and asks Varun where is Krishna? Varun and Manoj have a fight. Yashoda asks him where is my son? Varun holds her head and hits her on the car. Yashoda gets injured. Manoj beats Varun and asks him to say where is Krishna? Varun says that side. Yashoda runs towards there. Manoj receives Alok’s call who asks him to come to the location as Krishna needs medical attention. Manoj thinks Krishna went that side only. Yashoda comes there in dizzy state and collides with Ashok. Song plays hamari adhuri kahani. Ashok looks at her. Yashoda sits down and hugs Krishna calling him. She faints. Manoj is coming there. Ashok hugs Yashoda and Krishna. Alok asks Ashok to come with him, and says you can’t break the promise made to us, and takes him forcibly from there. Ashok cries. Manoj comes to Krishna and yashoda.

Alok informs the men helping them that Krishna is found. They all get happy. Kamini acts and asks them to let them go, and says she will inform that Ashok is coming home with Krishna. The monks tell that Ashok will not go with them. Bansal tries to instigate them saying Ashok will not return to them. Inspector comes to the spot. Manoj says they shall be taken to the hospital. Alok calls someone and says we are leaving now. Ashok cries and vents out his pain. He says take me away from here, I am feeling pain and can’t bear anymore. Alok says we shall return the bike to the person and then return with the Monks to the Ashram. He takes out the sim and throws it, asking him to think that his past is lost.

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Yashoda and Krishna are in the car with Manoj and lady constable. Yashoda gains consciousness and tells that she had collided with Ashok. Manoj asks Krishna if he saw Ashok. Krishna recalls and says even I saw him. yashoda gets down the car and says I will bring home. Manoj says if he had to come then he wouldn’t have left. He says he has saved Krishna and his responsibility is over. He says we shall go to hospital. Yashoda says what to do with inner wounds. Manoj says the kids need you, and asks her to come. Yashoda cries and sits in the car.

Ashok and Alok come to the bus stand and return the bike to the guy thanking him. The guy asks him not to thank them and calls him lawyer saheb. Ashok sits in the bus. Alok gives him white clothes to wear. Ashok removes his blanket and covers himself with white cloth of a monk.

Kamini asks herself to have strength and says nothing is spoiled yet. She asks herself to go inside and answer everyone fearlessly. She comes inside. Amma asks her if she got Krishna’s kidnapping. Babu ji says it is good if she tried. He says my daughter will not answer. Amma says I will not leave Kamini. Kamini says Bhai came and left, nobody can stop him and you are saying that you will not leave me. Amma asks where is Ashok? Babu ji says where is my son. Ashok is in the bus.

Yashoda and Krishna come out of hospital with Manoj. Manoj says he feels sympathetic for Ashok and tells that his love brought him to you, and then his guilt took him far from you. Ashok cries thinking about Yashoda. Yashoda also cries. Manoj’s car and the bus pass each other, but yashoda and Ashok don’t see each other.

Episode ends.