Doosri Maa 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Ashok Remembers Mala

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The episode starts with Ashok refusing to have food and says he needs alms and not proper food thali. He says whether Yashoda has food or not, he is a sadhu and will have food only received via alms. Yashoda complains god that he always helped her whenever she needed help, he should send Ashok from here as she can’t see him hungry. Malti walks to her and requests her to have food as she is a wife, mother, and DIL and has responsibility of her children and in-laws. Yashoda says she can’t have food seeing Ashok hungry.

Malti says then she should accompany family to some other place until Ashok goes from there. Yashoda shouts that she is not a coward like Ashok and would face her problems bravely. Malti and Arvind request her again to have food. Yashoda continues to confront Ashok and collapses. Family rushes to her worried and lie her down on a couch. Krishna shouts at Ashok that his wife collapsed because of him and asks him to stop his shamelessness and get out of there. Ashok says he will go if the gets alms. Krishna says he is sinner of both Mala and Yashoda. Yashoda regains consciousness and shouts that she will she will not give him alms at any cost.

Ashok thinks Krishna is right that he is Yahoda’s sinner, but he is not Mala’s sinner. He recalls Mala leaving him a letter and disappearing for 10 years. He goes into flashback where he insists Mala to marry him after their graduation and taking her to his parents, but Suresh and Malti humiliate Mala to the core and says they wouldn’t even accept her as their maid, forget a DIL. Mala leaves disheartened. Ashok runs behind her and apologizes her for his parent’s ruthless behavior. Mala asks him to forget her and marry a girl of his parent’s choice. Ashok insists her to marry him right now. Mala says his law practice hasn’t yet start and he needs to build his future first and it’s wise for them to go on their own paths. Ashok requests her to give him some time to convince his parents. Mala says love means not just gaining but also sacrificing. Ashok says he knows only to gain and will return her tonight after ending his ties with his parents. Out of flashback, he thinks he went home with a hope, but didn’t know that it was his and Mala’s last meeting.

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Precap: Ashok’s guru tells Gupta family that if they don’t give charity to Ashok, Ashok has to wander for 13 years begging and only then they will accept Ashok as a sadhu.