Doosri Maa 30th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Ashok learns about Krishna’s plight after becoming monk


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The Episode starts with Mandal Baba asking everyone to take the flowers in his hands and tells that this is the first step for you to become a monk. He says every step of the tests will ensure if he can become monk. Ashok thinks of his family and says I love them all, and I swear that I will leave the family life and will embrace the rules and regulations of sanyasi life. Mandal baba asks him to swear that he will not look at his past. Ashok gives him swear. Mandal Baba asks him to give swear that he will live and die as sanyasi. Alok is coming running there. Yashoda senses something bad happening as his photo frames fall down. Ashok gives the final ahuti in the havan kund. Alok comes there and gets shocked. Mandal baba says this havan is completed. Yashoda senses something bad has happened. All the sanyasi throw flower petals on him. Bansal is far and making video of Ashok becoming monk, and he smiles. Ashok is happy and tells Alok that he has become a monk, and says there my family and says Yashoda ji’s family are good. He asks Alok what happened, if he is not happy. Alok says I am feeling very bad, that I couldn’t save you. He says you are unlucky and says just now you have sworn to become monk and now you have to face dilemma. He says Krishna is missing. He says only Yashoda has accepted Krishna and your family haven’t accepted him and has separated Yashoda, Krishna and your daughters from them. He says they are in trouble and here you have sworn to follow the rituals of sanyasi.

Aastha and Nupur come home from temple. Nupur says Papa will return. Ashok gets shocked and says I have to go. Alok says you have to make everyone here, have food and can’t go from here. He says I can’t let you go. Ashok says they are in trouble because of me. Alok says I told you truth as I can’t keep you in dark after knowing the truth, but your dharm lies here and that’s why you can’t go. Kamini sees the video happily and says now he can’t return. Ashok says my son is in trouble, my wife and family are struggling with troubles. Alok asks didn’t you think of your responsibilities, when you was running behind Mandal baba to become sanyasi. Ashok says he can’t let his family in trouble. The Sadhu says you can’t go. Kamini expresses her hatred for Ashok and tells that he had snatched her love and peace, now he will go through the same thing. She says you are trapped. Amma asks who is trapped and asks her to show her mobile. Kamini refuses to show her phone and says it is my personal phone. Yashoda asks her to show her phone and asks if you are hiding something about Krishna. Kamini asks what you will do if I don’t show my phone. Yashoda says I will snatch it. Mahua says if any neighbor troubles my Jiji then I will not bear. Amma asks Mahua to stay away. She asks Kamini to leave. Kamini says this house is of my Babu ji. Amma says I will tell your babu ji. Yashoda stops her. Amma says she is broken because of Ashok and Krishna. She hugs Yashoda and cries. Babu ji gets teary eyes.

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Mandal baba asks Ashok if I forced you to become monk and says when you had feelings for them, then why you became monk. He says you have done a fake sworn and says you have betrayed yourself and me. Ashok asks what you would do if you was on my place. Mandal baba gives examples and tells that once he becomes sanyasi, he can’t go.

Episode ends.