Doosri Maa 2nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ashok threatens Kamini to misguide Varun


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The Episode starts with Bansal following Ashok. Ashok realizes someone is following him. A guy collides with Bansal. Bansal loses track of Ashok and thinks where did he go? Ashok comes to some guy and tells that he wants to find Varun, who has kidnapped Krishna. He says Krishna is closed to me. He then tells the guy that he doesn’t have money to give him, and he can’t save him from Police also. The guy asks him to sit and enquires about Varun. Kamini comes to Bansal and scolds him for missing Ashok. Bansal says he is doing this for her.

Just then he sees Ashok in a house. The guy is enquiring about Varun, when another guy asks if Krishna is his illegitimate son, because of whom he had left home. Other guy says the lawyer is very worried. They tell that he is worried for his illegitimate son. Ashok gets angry and tells that Krishna is legitimate son of Mala and me.

The guy tells Ashok that Varun is in Goner. Ashok asks where? The guy tells him. Bansal hears them. Ashok calls Police control room and informs that Krishna is in Goner.

Kamini calls Varun and asks him to leave from Goner. She tells that Ashok is a clever lawyer and will come there. Varun says he can’t find us. Kamini says neither you nor Krishna shall be found by Ashok. Bansal asks him to inform her where is he. Kamini ends the call and tells Bansal that this chapter will be closed, now Varun will handover Krishna to them between 2-3 pm, and then they will make Krishna go out of border. Bansal says I will give you party for this. Kamini asks him to come. They turn to see and see Ashok standing and hearing them.

Ashok tells her that they can’t do bad with Krishna until his father is alive. Kamini reminds him that he has become sadhu. Ashok says he has learnt the real value of Gita and it means, and says no jiji or jija. She asks what you will do. Sadhus and the guys who have helped Ashok comes ther and surround them. Ashok keeps trishul on Bansal’s chest and threatens Kamini. He asks her to make call to Varun. She asks what to tell him. Kamini calls Varun and tells that Ashok’s destiny is bad and tells that Sadhus have come to take Ashok from here. Varun doesn’t believe her. Kamini says she will do video call to him. She makes him video call and shows him Ashok. Ashok and the Sadhus acts as if they are taking him away. Varun says ok and ends the call. Ashok tells Kamini that they will be in his men’s custody until Krishna is found, and the guy to search the location using the number. Kamini gets upset.

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Yashoda cries venting out her pain infront of Amma. Nupur asks her to leave everything on God and says he will make everything fine. Yashoda says yes. Nupur asks her to rest and tries to massage her feet. Yashoda refuses. Nupur insists to massage her feet. The guy tracks Varun and tells Ashok that Varun is near the Goner jungle. Varun switches off his phone and the guy couldn’t track him. Other guy asks Ashok to take his bike, as Goner is big. Alok calls Yashoda and tells that Varun and Krishna are in Goner. Yashoda is about to leave. Mahua taunts Yashoda. Yashoda says we are already suffering, one day Babu ji will bless me and say that I did right. She says she is going to search Krishna. Aastha stops Yashoda, but Nupur asks her to go. Babu ji says I will never be thankful to you, if Krishna comes here, then get ready for the partition of relations too. Yashoda is shocked.

Precap: Yashoda shouts Krishna. Varun attacks Yashoda. Yashoda comes near Krishna and collides with Ashok.