Doosri Maa 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Randhir helps Yashoda


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The Episode starts with a neighbor asking babu ji if he threw his bahu out. Arvind asks what is your problem and tells that nobody shall ask them. The neighbor asks why you are angry, we asked as we are concerned for you. Arvind says even I cared for Yashoda bhabhi, but she has taken my baby’s life and my wife has gone mad. Mahua says this man is trying to steal my baby. Randhir asks Yashoda why she is not picking the calls. He says if you had told me that day, then I would have taken the legal help to calm down the matter and you wouldn’t have seen the day. He says I would have arranged home or hotel for you, what is this way, you are on the road with kids, and says I am very angry. Yashoda says you can get angry as they are not your sasural, but mine. She says whatever I told, I could have done this being a lawyer’s wife, but the problems of the family can’t end with it. She says I didn’t call you, as I don’t want to take your help. She says she will do something. Randhir insists and asks her to come, and says he will arrange a house for her. Yashoda refuses to take his help. Randhir asks her to take advance from him. Yashoda refuses. Krishna asks him to get a house for them which they can afford. He says ok and asks them to come.

Babu ji thinks of Krishna’s words and Kamini’s words. Amma tells him that if Yashoda is guilty then send her to jail, but don’t leave them on road, and asks her to think about Aastha and Nupur, if not for Krishna. Babu ji asks if you don’t think that I have done the right thing with them, seeing Mahua’s condition. He says you are a bad mother in law and differentiating between the bahus. He asks her to clean his bed and make food for everyone. Amma wipes her tears and asks him to pick the mattress. She says when you couldn’t hold it being a man, then how can you burden Yashoda by kicking her out. She says you will not understand being a man.

The lady shows the house to Yashoda and tells that the rent will be 3000 Rs. She says they have to get water from outside. She says they are giving house on rent, due to Randhir. Aastha says she doesn’t like the house. Yashoda says they don’t have option to think. She asks the landlady to take 2000 Rs rent. The landlady refuses. Randhir asks her to take 2500 Rs rent and after 6 months they will increase the rent. Yashoda cries. Krishna and the kids also cry. Randhir says one day your family will realize their mistake and will take you back home. He tells her that he will bring stuff for their stay and says he will cut from her salary. He says Bhabhi…happy birthday. Yashoda thanks him. Randhir goes. Yashoda asks the kids to sit and says she will clean the house. Krishna says I will ask the neighbor and get broom. He goes. Nupur says I will help you. Aastha is upset. Nupur says Didi is like balloon. Yashoda cleans the house with Nupur and Krishna.

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Kamini smirks seeing Amma and Babu ji shouting. Randhir brings kitchen stuff and goes. Yashoda keeps the cooker on the stove to make food. She asks Krishna to bring water. Krishna goes out to get water. The lady asks him if they are new here. Krishna says yes. The lady asks how many people are there. Krishna says my mother and my two sisters. The lady asks about his father. Krishna says he is not here, my mother and sisters’ responsibility is mine. Arvind swears on Mahua that his revenge is not yet done, because of her you are in this condition, we will make her life more worse than hell. He says just recover soon. Kamini and Bansal hears them. She tells Bansal that he shall provoke Arvind, and she will not let Yashoda return and will increase the enmity. Sonu comes there and says he is hungry. Kamini asks him to ask Amma. Sonu says she is not at home. Kamini thinks where did Amma go?

Yashoda is about to serve food to her kids, when Amma comes there. She keeps her hand on Krishna’s face and comes inside. Aastha and Nupur hug her and cry. Amma hugs Yashoda. They cry. Yashoda tells Amma that she didn’t do anything and asks if she trusts her. Amma says there are more enemies and you have to face this challenge too. The new enemy Gayatri goes to Randhir’s car and sits in it. She then smiles seeing him.

Precap: Randhir tells that he has done partition in the Gupta Nivas and looks at his father’s photo frame as he has fulfilled revenge. The neighbor calls Babu ji and says your bahu is asking for money from us.