Doosri Maa 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Kamini misguides Ashok


Doosri Maa 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kamini seeing Ashok. Ashok gets emotional recalling his anniversary. Kamini recalls Bansal informing her that Ashok has came to know that Krishna is missing. He keeps an eye on him. She thinks I will provoke you and will make you belief that Krishna is very happy here so that you leave. She sees Mahua and stops her from seeing Ashok. Mahua says she couldn’t get sleep. Kamini tells that Amma and Babu ji are giving full support to Yashoda and your husband is not less. She says I thought after Bhai left, Amma and Babu ji will throw Yashoda and Krishna out, but they are ruling in the house and we are sidelined. She says Krishna is their grand son and heir. Ashok smiles and thinks why Nupur asked if Krishna is found. Yashoda talks to Ashok’s pic and says she will never forgive him for leaving. Mahua asks Kamini what is she saying? Kamini cooks up a fake story that Krishna is over pampered by the family members and goes on telling the fake story. She says that Amma and Babu ji are making a big room for Krishna in the place of storeroom. Mahua is surprised and tries to say, but Kamini doesn’t let her say and asks her to go and sleep. She also goes. Ashok is thankful to God and says all the family members has accepted my son, now I can take Diksha peacefully. Kamini looks at him hiding, and is leaving. He then thinks to go to Krishna’s room and see. Kamini thinks if he will check in Krishna’s room also. Amma comes out. Ashok hides and looks at her.

Kamini thinks if Amma sees Bhai then all her plan will be ruined. Amma is in the kitchen and misses Ashok. She says I am missing you, you was mischievous and used to scare me, when I used to come and take water from kitchen. She says I come to get water with the hope that you might try to scare me again. Ashok picks Amma’s slippers. Amma says please return my son. Ashok thinks I can’t returns. He keeps the slippers back and hides. Kamini still looks at him. Amma finds her slipper wet, as Ashok’s tears have fallen on it. She is going to her room and senses Ashok’s presence there. Amma comes to the temple and prays to God to protect her son. Ashok thinks to see Krishna and leave. He is walking towards Krishna’s room. He sees the boy sleeping in Krishna’s room, and gets emotional. Sonu is lying on Krishna’s bed.

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Kamini looks on. He thinks he is sleeping, and hopes he turns his face. He turns to go and the photo frame falls down. Yashoda gets up and is coming there. Nupur asks her to come back. Yashoda says I am here and goes back to make her sleep. Ashok thinks jiji was saying truth that Krishna is happy here, and thinks he shall leave from here, he has no work here and asks him to leave. Yashoda comes out and sees the fallen photo. She picks it and cries. Ashok has left. Yashoda says you are needed here, your son is lost, don’t know where he went. She says please come for sometime to search him. Ashok goes back to Ashram. Hamari Kahani plays….Krishna is crying in the captive room. Yashoda is crying in the house. Ashok is sitting in the Ashram.

Episode ends.