Doosri Maa 23rd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kamini reveals her sinister plan to Krishna


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The Episode starts with Amma telling that yashoda is not foolish and might have refused him. Yashoda recalls refusing to do job in Randhir’s office, as Ashok had problem with him. Randhir respects her decision and asks her to tell him if she needs any help. Yashoda thanks him for the offer and concern and says I don’t think that I will come to your office ever. Fb ends. Yashoda tells Amma that she has done the same thing. Amma asks Babu ji what did you get by getting the news published. She says you made fun of bahu, and asks if you wanted this to happen. Babu ji says I didn’t want this. Kamini asks what Babu ji can do if result is bad. Mahua asks Amma to have patience and says may be some news come of Bhai Saheb. Amma asks them not to fool her. Babu ji asks Amma not to give her stress. He asks Arvind to keep Mahua away from the house problems. Amma says one day you will feel ashamed thinking what you all have done with Yashoda.

Yashoda calls Manoj, but he doesn’t pick the call. She thinks if Gayatri stopped him. Krishna says we will earn money and will get water and electricity today. Yashoda reminds him of his promise and says no work during school time. Aastha and Nupur come there. Krishna asks them to go and says he has some work. Aastha asks if Papa will not come even now and hugs Yashoda.

Bansal tells Kamini that Ashok is very stubborn and has become sadhu. Kamini says he will not return now, and I can do anything with Yashoda, so lets do it. Bansal says what? Kamini says first meet Krishna. Krishna locks the ration boxes. Kamini comes there and asks him to lock properly. Krishna asks her not to throw the boxes. Kamini asks him to plead infront of her. He says even I have thrown my neighbor’s stuff. Kamini says you are gone on me and tells that this time, I will do something big. Krishna asks what big? Kamini asks him to ask his Madam ji to do job, as she has to give rent. Krishna says rent and says Madam ji will be thrown out of the house. She says Yashoda is having her birthday in few days, and tells that she will celebrate it outside, as I will get her thrown out. She says Ashok come or not, but they will be thrown out. She says very soon their stuff and you will be with them. Krishna asks did you hear what she said badi malkin? Kamini gets scared and gets angry. Krishna says he had enough courage to fight the war. Yashoda and the kids are leaving from home. Randhir calls her and says I want to help you, and asks her to understand. Babu ji hears her. Randhir asks her to give her account number so that he can transfer some money. Yashoda says I don’t want your job or money, and requests him not to call her again. Aastha asks why he is calling you? Yashoda says may be he wants to help genuinely, but we don’t need anyone’s help, as God helps those who helps themselves. Arvind comes to babu ji and says you have light the fire, and the enemy will warm his hands. He asks him to stop treating her badly and says not just her rasoi, but she is separated from us. He requests him to stop all this.

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Babu ji calls Mahua and says your husband came to talk about yashoda. He gives call to Arvind and asks him to talk to her. Mahua threatens him about the baby and asks him to come to room silently. Babu ji asks him to give phone and go from here. Arvind says I am going, but think that Bhabhi’s search for the job is an insult on your respect. Amma tells that the bahu is the respect and pride of the house, and that Randhir targeted her. She asks him to handle everything before it is too late. Babu ji asks Amma to give some money to Yashoda, and don’t take my name, but give it on your name. Amma smiles and says you have become foolish and knows that yashoda will not take money from me, but might take from you. She asks him to keep back the money and says you will have nothing than the money.

Kamini comes to babu ji and says if Yashoda takes up Randhir’s help, then your plan will be ruined. She asks him to cut the branch where Yashoda is sitting. Babu ji says he will cut the branch.

Precap: Babu ji asks Randhir not to help Yashoda. Yashoda gets the work to wash the utensils and then the employer denies to give her money. Krishna throws the things and gets money from the guy. He tells Yashoda that he is fighting for his mother’s rights and until he is alive, he will fight this war. Just then a car comes and hits Krishna. Krishna gets badly injured and bleeding. Yashoda shouts Krishna.