Doosri Maa 22nd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Yashoda tries to seek Manoj’s help


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The Episode starts with Randhir coming to his office, and asks his assistant if someone came. The guy says who will come so early in the morning. Randhir says I will drink tea and come. He goes. The guy closes the door and asks Yashoda and others to search for the proof faster. Yashoda gets the guest lists and is about to leave with others, when they see Randhir standing. Randhir says he caught his employee when he said those words that who will come early, who used to reply as yes or no. He says he has ruined your game, and then snatches proof from Yashoda’s hand and tears it. He tells her that she will not get anything now, and tells that he can get her arrested for entering his office illegally. He asks her to get out. Yashoda says I will bring your proof infront of everyone. Randhir asks her to get out and says he didn’t lose from anyone’s first father, and will not lose from anyone’s second mother. Yashoda is about to leave with Nupur. Krishna tells Randhir that he is lawyer because of his father, and asks him to think what he can do, as his father was lawyer and his mother used to work in law firm. He plays the recording in which Randhir is talking to Yashoda. He says people will ask you, why did you tear the guest list. Yashoda asks Randhir to think how he will handle himself, when he is exposed? She says this Doosri maa and her children will expose you, this is the promise. They leave with wrestler. Randhir says I am not foolish to lose from you, we will play like chess.

The employee comes to Randhir and says now I can’t work here, and apologizes to him for his betrayal. Randhir says I will settle your calculations, and then slaps him hard. He says now I will keep dog here, atleast it will be loyal. He asks him not to come near his office again. Krishna tells Yashoda that they shall show this recording to police. Yashoda says Randhir is not stupid and he is a big lawyer. Wrestler asks yashoda to let him handle Randhir. Yashoda says she don’t want him to land in any trouble. She says if Manoj will help us, but Gayatri will not let him help. Yashoda calls Manoj and tells that she needs help and asks him to meet on the road outside court. Randhir calls Gayatri and asks her to stop her husband, as he is going to meet yashoda, and says stop him else I will burn your happiness. He says Yashoda is doing cheating by seeking help. Manoj comes to the lane to meet Yashoda, and asks her to tell. He then says sorry, and says I came to know what you are going through, he says sorry and says he can’t fight more with Gayatri. Yashoda tells Manoj that she wants help to get guest list of Randhir’s party, I had gone to his office and got the guest list, but Randhir snatched it and torn it. Gayatri comes there in auto and is walking towards Yashoda and Manoj angrily, when a lady pushes her and leaves. Gayatri falls and cries. Yashoda and Manoj come to her help. Gayatri says she can’t get up. They take her in auto.

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Randhir comes infront of the lady who had pushed Gayatri, and says you are wonderful to push the people without any reason, and asks if you are from tribals. Amma lifts her veil and says I have to pushed her, I had come to your office to request you, but heard you talking to Gayatri on phone. She says I was doubtful on Gayatri before, and tells that she has to do this to bring her on right trick. She says now someone will give you the strict reply. Randhir says Krishna has gone on you, he also misbehaves like you. Amma says until now you used to lose from my son, now you will lose from Yashoda. She goes.

Krishna opens the lock and Nupur goes inside. He sees babu ji walking holding the heavy stuff, and goes to him. Babu ji says my day becomes bad when I see your face. Krishna takes his bag forcibly and starts running, says I will not let you take the heavy stuff. Babu ji asks him to give his stuff to him. The guys sitting there praises Krishna’s values, though Babu ji kicked him and his mother out. Krishna says enough, and tells that he is his grand father and stops. He says I will keep this stuff and will come to fight with you. Babu ji gets touched with his words.

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