Doosri Maa 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Krishna Takes A Shocking Decision

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The episode starts with Yashoda crying sitting in temple. Manoj walks to her. Yashoda tlels Manoj that Astha was not like this before and developed hatred only after Krishna entered their lives, but Nupur doesn’t hate Krishna; they both got same sanskars; she doubts that someone filled Astha’s ears; she fears if something had happened to those 2 men, Astha would have been in jail. Manoj says thank god nothing wrong happened. Amma calls Yashoda and asks if everything is sorted out now. Yashoda says yes and describes the whole incident. She says she is sure someone brainwashed Astha and gave her poison. Kamini returns home and tells Amma and Babuji that Astha had mixed poison in corn salt and describes how Yashoda took a blame on herself when police was arresting Krishna and how Astha accepted her crime to save Yashoda. Amma asks if she gave poison to Astha. Kamini denies. Amma gives her promise to Kamini and asks her to tell truth now.

Arvind walks down asking Amma to give medicine to Mahua. Kamini informs him that Amma thinks she gave poison to Astha. Arvind says she should think that he gave poison to Astha and be in peace and if Kamini has really given poison to Astha, she did right to get rid of illegitimate Krishna and sinner Yashoda who gave poison to Mahua and killed his child. Bapuji asks Amma to let it go as truth will be out soon. Arvind argues with Babuji and takes Amma along to give medicine to Mahua.

Krishna visits Ustadji and says his corn shop is shut down and he needs money to open a tea shop for Yashoda. Ustadji says he can borrow money from him. Krishna says he doesn’t want to take his favor and wants to work hard and earn money. Ustadji’s aide informs him that one of their kabbadi player is severely injured and they need a replacement. Krishna says he will play kabbadi as a replacement. Aide says it’s dangerous and hence they shouldn’t permit Krishna. Ustadji asks Krishna to be at the kabbaddi ground around 2 p.m. Krishna thanks him and says he will be there after school recess and leaves from there. Aide tells Ustadji that he shouldn’t have permitted Krishna as he may get injured. Ustadji says Krishna values his self-respect and wouldn’t take money from him, so if they win, they can give a part of prize money to Krishna and help him; they will make sure Krishna’s turn doesn’t come at all. Aide praises Ustadji.

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Babuji cries standing in Ashok’s home office. Amma walks to him and asks what is he doing here after a long time. Babuji stands silently. Amma says Krishna’s shop is shut, Yashoda needs money to open a tea shop, so if he can send some money to her. Babuji gives his phone to her and asks her to send money to Yashoda with a message that it’s her in-law’s blessings. Yashoda serves dinner to kids. Astha continues to plead her to forgive her. Yashoda tells Nupur that she spoke to her principal about allowing her to attend classes. She gets a message and informs children that Babuji has sent her money. Nupur says their problems will be solved now. Babuji asks Amma to send a message before Yashoda returns back money. Yashoda returns back money and refuses to take Babuji’s help.

Krishna informs Yashoda about his kabbaddi match. Yashoda denies him permission and asks him to attend school. Next day, Yashoda gets ready to drop kids to school and warns Krishna to not participate in a kabbadi match. Krishna thinks he has to play to earn money and help her.

Precap: Yashoda informs Amma that Krishna went to play kabaddi even after she denied permission, it’s very dangerous for him. Krishna reaches competition venue. Opponent team coach orders his players to injure at least 3 opponent players. Krishna insists to play the game.