Doosri Maa 21st April 2023 Written Episode Update


Doosri Maa 21st April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Nurse seeing the room door open and closes it. Arvind ends the call and hopes that Varun takes Krishna from here somehow. Yashoda comes to Arvind and says a motherly’s hope is big, and nobody can break it. She says I will make Aastha have food and will go to bring Krishna back. She gets Manoj’s call and tells him that Krishna is in City hospital. A ward boy sees Krishna and asks him to get up, says this is not the place to sleep. He asks where is your parents? Varun sees him and says he is with me. He is taking him, when Yashoda and Manoj come there. Varun hides with Krishna. Yashoda and Manoj go to Chotu’s ward. Doctor says he is gaining consciousness. Yashoda asks if Krishna came here. Manoj says we shall search him first. They run out. Varun keeps Krishna in the car and is leaving. Yashoda comes out and sees his car. She closes the gate fast and stands infront of the gate. Varun stops the car. Manoj asks him to get out from the car. Yashoda slaps him and says I told you to stay away from my kids. Manoj asks her to see Krishna and says I will handover him to Police. Varun pushes Manoj and runs away. Yashoda sees Krishna in drowsy state and asks Manoj to see him. Krishna in semi-unconscious state says he wants to go to madam ji’s house.

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Kamini instigates Babu ji and says your bahu doesn’t have care for their respect and asks if it is their culture to stay out till late. She tells Amma that her bahu doesn’t care for her family is waiting for her. Arvind asks Kamini to go and sleep, and says Bhabhi cares for everyone and even for Krishna. He says she is such, and feels everyone’s pain. Mahua asks if he wants Krishna to be here. Arvind says even he don’t want her to keep Krishna here, but don’t want anyone to accuse her falsely.

Just then they see Yashoda bringing Krishna home. They see Krishna’s state. Kamini says he is acting. Yashoda asks them to sleep and let Krishna sleep. She leaves trying to stop Kamini, and Krishna falls on Amma’s lap. Amma gets emotional, but goes from there. Yashoda makes Krishna sleep on the bed and covers her shawl to him. She goes from there. Amma is in the kitchen and thinking of Krishna. Yashoda comes there and sees Amma standing while the water is flowing.

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