Doosri Maa 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Astha Accepts Her Mistake


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The episode starts with inspector visiting Krishna’s corn shop and asks constable to send salt to the lab as something is mixed in it. Yashoda says there are spices mixed in it and nothing else. Krishna asks why would he mix anything. Kamini walks in and says it’s Krishna’s old habit. Inspector asks who is she. Kamini says she is children’s aunt, but not Krishna’s as Krishna is her brother’s illegitimate child. She says Krishna has criminal tendencies and must have mixed poison in salt to take revenge from neighbors as they call him illegitimate child. Yashoda warns her to stop lying as Krishna is accused many times and always proved innocent. Neighbors ask how did people fall ill after having Krishna’s prepared corncob then. Inspector says Krishna has to be arrested for further investigation. Shameshera says Krishna set up a stall to earn some money, why would he harm anyone. Inspector says they have arrest Krishna for further investigation and asks constable to take him along.

Yashoda stops inspector and says Krishna is innocent, she mixed medicine in salt instead. Krishna asks why is she saying this. Yashoda asks Nupur and Krishna who prepared salt masala. They both say she did. Yashoda says as Kamini told, she took revenge from neighbors for calling her sons as illegitimate and asks inspector to arrest her instead. Inspector arrests Yashoda. Astha gets tensed and asks Kamini to stop police. Kamini says it’s good if Yashoda goes to jail as they can plan to get rid off Krishna. Astha says she doesn’t want mummy to go to jail. Kamini continues to try to manipulate her.

Astha runs to inspector and says she had mixed rat poison in salt as she wanted to send Krishna to jail. Yashoda says kid is lying to protect her. Astha takes whole family’s oath and shows poison bottle. Men return from hospital. Shamshera requests inspector to spare Astha as men are fine now and wouldn’t complain against kid. Men also say they don’t want to complain against kid. Inspector asks Astha how did she get rat poison. Astha shows shop. Inspector arrests shop owner for keeping poison in open. He tells Astha that he is sparing her and her mother on Shameshera uncle’s request and asks her not to do such mistakes again. Shamshera takes Astha from there.

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Yashoda notices Kamini peeping around and says she knows Kamini is somehow involved in it. Kamini says her daughter did a mistake, but she is blaming her. She criticizes Yashoda’s upbringing. Yashoda says her daughter stayed with Kamini for a few days and got poison filled in her brain, she will remove poison from her daughter’s mind and will expose Kamini. Kamini says she didn’t do anything and if she does, she will snatch her daughters from her. Yashoda drags Astha to home. Astha apologizes her for her mistake. Yashoda slaps her and says she did a sin of trying to kill innocent lives, what if they had died, how can she have so much hatred in her life. Astha apologizes again. Yashoda asks who gave her idea of using poison. Astha says no one. Yashoda says she should go back to Kamini who poisoned her mind.

Astha pleads her not to send her back as she wants to stay with her. Yashoda asks Shamshera and Manoj to find a hostel for Astha as she can’t let her stay with Krishna. Nupur, Krishna, Manoj, and Shamshera request Yashoda to forgive Astha as she accepted her mistake to save Yashoda. Yashoda says Astha can’t hate someone to love someone and says she will not talk to Astha until she mends her ways. Astha breaks down. Nupur says she shouldn’t have done this mistake. Yashoda sits in temple and cries.

Precap: Yashoda informs Amma that Krishna went to play kabaddi even after she denied permission. Krishna reaches competition venue.
Opponent team coach orders his players to injure at least 3 opponent players. Krishna insists to play the game.