Doosri Maa 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Astha Takes Revenge From Krishna


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The episode starts with Yashoda returning home and asking Astha what is she doing. Astha says she is having milk and biscuits with Nupur like she usually does. Yashoda believes her and walks in. Astha asks Nupur to finish biscuits and silently throws out rat poison packet from window. Amma enjoys corncob and loudly tells Babuji that having grandson’s prepared corncob has it’s own taste. Arvind walks in and asks if she bought Krishna’s corncob. Amma says it’s her grandson’s prepared corncob. Arvind asks why don’t she add illegitimate to Krishna’s name as illegitimate Krishna will never be accepted in this house. Amma says every mother is habituated to protect her child from all the problems, even she is trying to protect him from the future problems; she accepted Krishna and even he should as he can’t be in peace if he snatches someone’s right. She offers corn to him. He angrily throws it away and asks Babuji to explain her that she may break her ties with her younger song and other family members trying to relate herself with Krishna.

Babuji says Arvind is right. Amma says she knows him since years, he never replies whenever he reads news paper, but he is thinking something holding a news paper; he should mend his ways before it’s too late and Krishna and Yashoda who respect him start hating him. Babuji warns her not to link him with that boy. Amma says he can lie to her but not himself. Babuji thinks he will not accept Krishna as his family’s happiness is more important that Krishna.

Yashoda offers poison mixed salt to Krishna. Govind comes to meet Yashoda and asks Krishna to prepare one corncob to even him. He takes Yashoda aside to speak. Krishna smears salt on corncobs and sells them to 2 men. Astha grins standing at the house door. Men collapse after having corncobs. Mob gather and say they collapsed after having Krishna’s prepared corncobs, so they should call police immediately. Yashoda says they should shift men to hospital first and then call police. They all shift men to hospital. A neighbor meets Kamini and informs her that 2 men fell ill after having Krishna’s corncobs and are shifted to hospital, people doubt Krishna smeared medicine on cobs, police is called.

Kamini returns home and tells Amma that 2 men fell ill after having Krishna’s corncob. Amma says they should reach hospital soon. Bansal says why is she bothered, Krishna should be caught by police and punished. Amma asks why will police punish Krishna, even she had corncob. She tells Babuji that they should go to hospital. Babuji says police will look into this matter. Amma says they should go there for Yashoda’s sake. Babuji agrees. Arvind stops Amma and asks her to choose between Mahua’s medicines or illegitimate Krishna, and if she choose Krishna, she will lose her younger son forever and he will not feed medicine to Mahua again. Babuji asks what will he get with this, he is not doing right. Mahua asks Amma what will she choose. Amma says she will feed her medicine as saas is a doosri maa, Yashoda is there with Krishna as doosri maa and she will be with Mahua as her dusri maa. Arvind asks Babuji to silently read news paper at home, he will find out what happened there in some time. Babuji asks if he lost his self-respect. Arvind says he didn’t but a few in this house did.

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Kamini thinks she will visit hospital and find out what is happening there. Doctor asks nurse to flush patients’ stomachs and informs people that it’s a case of food poisoning. Police reach there. People complain that men fell ill after having Krishna’s corncob. Krishna says he didn’t mix anything. Police says the will find out after lab test. Amma feeds medicines to Mahua. Arvind asks her to be at home and not waste her old age on Yashoda and illegitimate Krishna. Amma asks Mahua to rest now. Arvind asks Amma to reply. Amma asks her to maintain silence as Mahua is trying to sleep. Arvind shouts Krishna ruined everything.

Kamini calls Astha and asks why she looks tensed as if she did everything. Astha accepts that she mixed rat poison in salt to take revenge from Krishna. Kamini praises her and says nobody can save Krishna now. Astha asks what if something happens to the men who had corncob. Kamini says doctor will save them, she should be happy that Krishna will be gone from her life forever, she should return to Yashoda before Yashoda starts doubting her and remember that her aunt loves her immensely. Inspector asks Yashoda to take him to corn shop. Kamini thinks Yashoda’s daughter is spilling venom now itself, Krishna will destroy Yashoda’s house.

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