Doosri Maa 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Arvind Gives A Poisoned Prasad To Krishna

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Doosri Maa 17th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Suresh receiving money after giving house documents to Randhir’s aide. Randhir calls him and asks if he got money. Suresh says yes. Randhir asks him to send his wife home and come to his sent location. Suresh sends Malti and Manoj away and walks heads towards Randhir’s sent location. Randhir taunts Yashoda that Suresh is coming here with money while Arvind is heading to poison Krishna. Yashoda signals him to remove tape from her mouth. He does. She says when his sin pot will fill, he will be punished for sure.

Arvind heads towards home in his bike with a poison bottle. Someone bumps on him. He drops poison bottle and shouts at the man. He thinks of calling Kamini and informing her to arrange another bottle, but then thinks he will send Mahua to temple and mix another bottle in prasad and serve it to Krishna. He calls Mahua and asks her to go to temple. Krishna returns home. Mahua asks where is illegitimate child coming from, where will he stay after this house is sold. Malti says he will stay with his grandparents. Mahua says we will be happy to stay away from the enemies. Amma confronts her and says she wants to stay away from her who used to prepare her food early when she used to be a teacher, Arvind who drove 25 km when she wanted to have unseasonal cauliflower, Yashoda who considered her as her younger sister and happily served her. Mahua says she doesn’t have time for her lecture and needs to visit temple. Malti further says Yashoda didn’t kill her baby. Mahua walks away.

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Arvind visits a vaidya/doctor and gets poison from him after giving some bribe. Suresh gets tired walking towards Randhir’s den. Randhir calls him and asks him to hurry up. Yashoda pleads Randhir to spare Suresh as he is old and gets sole pain when he walks too much. Randhir says even he walked a lot to reach where he is today. Kamini calls Bansal and asks who are at home. Bansal says Krishna and Malti as Mahua has gone to tempole and Arvind somewhere else. Kamini says she sent Arvind to get poison and Mahua to get prasad, she will mix poison in prasad and give it to Krishna. Yashoda pleads her not to do that. Kamini says she does everything perfectly. She asks Bansal to leave home with Sonu. Bansal leaves with Sonu. Arvind mixes poison in prasad milk and offers it to Krishna. Mahua recalls Kamini offering her prasad.

Precap: Krishna drinks poisoned prasad and collapses. Arvind says Krishna and Yashoda’s drama ends now. Mahua watches silently.