Doosri Maa 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Kamini fails Yashoda’s plan to expose her

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Doosri Maa 17th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Yashoda asking Krishna not to tell anything and keep his mouth shut. Nupur hears and asks what you don’t want him to talk. Yashoda says nothing. Nupur says Aastha will cry without you. Aastha insists to go to Yashoda. Amma asks her not to go. Kamini asks if she want just mother, or both parents. She says your mother is with Krishna and went to haridhar and returned after outing. Mahua says you can stay like before, once Ashok returns. They convince Aastha. Kamini rejoices and celebrates with Bansal with sweets. She says she made Aastha fell down from stairs, to call Yashoda back. Bansal says Yashoda couldn’t meet Ashok. They laugh. Krishna finds oil bowl on the stairs. He thinks to pick it later after giving the milk. He comes to room and hears Nupur telling Yashoda everything. He gets doubtful and asks Nupur where was that oil bowl. Nupur says it was on terrace only. Krishna senses fishy and goes to check the bowl. Yashoda and Nupur come behind him and find the oily bowl on the stairs. Krishna goes to terrace and brings the bowl which Aastha had taken for Nupur. He says someone hid it intentionally. Nupur says this means someone else spilled the oil on the stairs. Yashoda is shocked and says she didn’t fall on her own, but someone made her fell down the stairs. Nupur asks who can do this? Yashoda says whoever has done this, I will not leave that person. She says nobody can harm my daughters. Krishna says we will make Aastha understand that they are using her against her, and then she will come to her.

Yashoda knocks on the door and asks Amma babu ji to open the door. Aastha says don’t open the door, Mummy shall bring papa. She says Bua was right. Nupur asks why you are saying this to Mummy. Krishna asks Yashoda to find out who has made her fell down. Yashoda says I came to show you something. Babu ji asks her not to make excuse to get the door open. Yashoda says I will not lie and says she wants to bring out some truth. Nupur says both are bad, they didn’t open the door. Yashoda says don’t talk such thing. She says I want to show something. Nupur says we shall go and ask Chacha and Chachi. Amma opens the door and asks what you want to show. Babu ji says you have earned the trust since many years, but you are losing it since you brought Krishna, but it has not ended fully. Nupur calls Chacha and Chachi. Yashoda shows one bowl in her hand and other on the stairs. Mahua asks if you called us here, to show this. Babu ji asks what you want to prove. Kamini comes there. Yashoda says it is good that you have also come. Yashoda says now I can ask everyone. Kamini asks what you want to ask me. Yashoda says Aastha took this bowl to apply oil on Nupur so what is this second bowl doing here, and who has hiding this. She says we have to search answer for this. Kamini asks what issue, she wants to make. Amma says this is the proof that someone made Aastha fell down.

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She asks who wants to harm my grand daughter and says whoever has done this, shall come forward else it will be bad if I catch that person.Yashoda says whoever has done this, I will never forgive and forget it. Krishna says badi baby is your own, you love her, but then also conspired to made her fell down. Nupur says whoever has done this, will be caught, that bowl will expose that person.

Kamini goes to the stairs and brings the bowl. Amma asks Kamini, why you have done such a bad thing, why you break my trust always. She is about to slap her, but Kamini holds her hand and says you raise your hand always on me. She says there is no oil in this. Amma says this is clean bowl. Yashoda and Krishna look at each other. Kamini recalls hearing them and changing the oily bowl with clean bowl. She says your daughter fell down with oily bowl and now you will fell down with non oily bowl. Fb ends. Yashoda tells that there was oil in this bowl when I saw it. Kamini asks if it evaporated and cat sucked it. Yashoda looks shocked.

Precap: Sonu comes to everyone and tells that his parents are fighting. Bansal gets angry on kamini and hits her hard using a stone. Everyone comes there.