Doosri Maa 17th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Yashoda challenges Randhir


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The Episode starts with Yashoda, Krishna and Nupur leaving from the rented house. Randhir comes infront of them and says you are again on road, how you are feeling? He says after my father’s death, I was walking on the road like this, and says today he is peaceful. He says he wanted Ashok to see this, but he is not here, weird man. People look at them from far. Randhir asks how you are feeling to be humiliated by the people and family, and asks her to take her own time, and says all the country wants to know. The guy sitting on the tea stall, asks Yashoda to feel ashamed and die in a handful of water. Randhir says you will get such suggestions now, whenever you come out, keep handful of water with you always. Yashoda says my husband has done many wrong things, but what is his biggest mistake is that he didn’t teach you a lesson. She asks him to get worried that his destruction will begin now. Randhir says you are talking on road and talking about my destruction. Yashoda laughs and says I don’t have anything to lose now, but you have so much to lose, and says if I don’t bring you on road then my name is not Yashoda Gupta. Krishna tells Randhir, whatever he did is shameful act, and says one day you have to apologize to Madam ji. Randhir asks him to be quiet and says you say so much, and that’s why your family didn’t accept you, and your father left you. Yashoda says it is the matter between his father and him. She tells that she will fight and win, and asks him not to take her lightly. She says for a woman, kids and husband matters, for a bahu- her inlaws matters and says nothing more. She says my babu ji asked me to expose you, and asks him to think what she can do, when she can sacrifice for the family and asks him to get scared. He says I am scared. He says this is my revenge’s first installment and says you and your family has to give more installments. Yashoda says I am ready, I am not afraid of you or society, if I am scared then infront of my children and saas and sasur. Randhir says all the best. Yashoda says all the best to you too.

Amma sees Aastha sitting sadly and asks why she is sad? Aastha says she was thinking about Mummy and Nupur. Amma says you have left them, don’t talk about them and asks her to enjoy and be happy. Aastha says I don’t want to go there, just missed them. Yashoda is sitting on the road. Amma calls her. Krishna takes phone from Yashoda’s hand and picks the call. He tells Amma that they again came on road and tells that they are being thrown out of the rented house. Amma is shocked. Yashoda scolds Krishna for informing Amma and making her worried. Nupur says she is our Dadi and she called us to enquired about us. Yashoda says Amma is helpless and can’t help us. Nupur asks why woman is helpless. Yashoda says we will not be helpless, it is decided. Krishna asks them to sit and says he will search place to stay. Yashoda stops Krishna, and says how you will go alone, we all will go altogether. Krishna says your elder son is here, and asks her not to snatch his responsibilities from him, and asks her to sit with Nupur and says he will go and search the place. Yashoda asks him to take care.

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Babu ji recalls Amma and Arvind’s words and gets restless. He says Ashok….I have done so much to bring you back, has stoop low, and became guilty. He asks what is my mistake in this? Aastha comes there and says it is not your mistake, it is Papa, Mummy and Krishna’s mistake. Amma says you said right, your Mummy is compensating for your papa’s mistakes. Babu ji gets upset and goes out. Amma says I can’t see Yashoda and her children wander on the road. Babu ji says I asked Yashoda to wipe the black spot from her forehead, and says I will not change my decision. Amma says Yashoda is being thrown out from the house, where she used to stay and says they are again on the road. Krishna enquires with the people if there is any place to stay. The guy says there is a lodge there. Krishna asks what will be the rent? The guy says 200-300 Rs. Krishna thinks Madam ji doesn’t have that much money. He hears the guy asking the people to see his Ustad’s talent.

Yashoda worries for Krishna. Nupur says if Randhir uncle harms Krishna. Yashoda says we shall search him. Krishna hears of the prize money which is 1000 Rs, if the person succeeds to move the wrestler’s leg. Krishna thinks if I win then 3 days rent tension will be over. He sees the heavy build wrestler and gets worried, thinking how to move his leg. He sees a guy trying to move his leg.

Precap: Krishna tells that he will move the wrestler’s leg. Nupur and Yashoda search for him. Nupur sees Krishna trying to move the wrestler’s leg and tells Yashoda. They look on shocked.