Doosri Maa 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kamini asks Arvind to poison Krishna

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Doosri Maa 16th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Arvind calling Randhir and saying that Krishna said big things, that he will not let the house sold and will bring Yashoda also. Randhir says his father used to do such things. Kamini tells Arvind that they shall kill Krishna. Yashoda says if you harm Krishna then I will forget our relation. She asks if he is listening. Arvind says Mahua and I used to feel the loss of the baby every day, and says you will also yearn with the same pain. Yashoda is about to tell him about Kamini, but the latter tells Arvind that she will come there and will kill him silently. Yashoda shouts Arvind. Randhir says just like I get money, I will send you to the place where Krishna’s first mother is staying. He asks her to hear the death sound.

Babu ji says who will buy the house so soon. Arvind tells that he has signed NOC and now he can sell all the house. Amma asks him to say that he is happy to loot them. Arvind says I am doing this to save your bahu. Amma tells him that his ego will ruin him one day. Arvind says Amma lectures like Yashoda. He says Manoj has come. Manoj comes there and says I never expected this from you. Arvind says but I expect this from you, and asks him to do the work well. Manoj tells Babu ji that he got a call from someone, who said that someone is ready to buy the house. Amma tells that they shall inform Police so that they can catch the guy buying the house, and reach Yashoda through him. Randhir calls Babu ji and asks him not to tell Police, and keep phone at home. Babu ji keeps the phone and leaves from there. Krishna hears them and thinks of Yashoda’s words that he shall trust law more, as his father was a lawyer, and his mother worked in law firm, and asks him to have faith on law and the truth will win.

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Randhir tells Yashoda that people needs a lot of courage to go to Police, but they are coward and dead. Krishna thinks to show the courage and end this game. He calls Police and says his mother is kidnapped. Inspector leaves and asks someone to send the team. Krishna and Inspector reach there before his Dada and Dadi. Amma and babu ji reach there and see Krishna and the Inspector. They see a guy sitting on the chair. Inspector asks them to wait there, and says he must be having some weapon. They see the statue/dummy. Randhir calls Krishna and says you have shown courage, but it is waste. He threatens to kill Yashoda, and shoots in air. Krishna is shocked and pleads with him not to harm Yashoda. Randhir asks Krishna to hold inspector’s hand and take him from there. Krishna asks Inspector to come with him, and takes him from there. Inspector asks why you are scared. Randhir calls Babu ji and asks him to go to tea shop, his man will come there and will give him money and asks him to give the papers to him. babu ji leaves with Manoj and Amma.

Kamini comes to Vaid ji and asks him to give medicine to kill someone. She says she is kamini. He asks Bansal’s Kamini. Arvind waits outside. Kamini comes out and gives the poison to Arvind. She asks him to visit temple with Mahua, and mix the medicine in prasad and give it to Krishna. She says nobody will refuse prasad. Arvind tells that Krishna will die now. Randhir tells Yashoda that he will kill all her family members.

Episode ends.