Doosri Maa 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Malti Puts Forth Condition In Front of Kamini

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Doosri Maa 13th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Malti confronting Kamini for continuing to have an affair with her boyfriend Bablu for 2 even after her marriage with Bansal and having an illegitimate child Sonu. Kamini pleads her to return her jewelry and let her give it to Bablu to save her dignity. Bansal brings water for Malti. Malti tells Kamini that Bansal is a lot better than her who blindly obeyed her and went to bring water for her while Kamini never accepted her plea and called Krishna as illegitimate while her own son is is illegitimate. She puts forth a condition in front of her that she will accept Krishna in front of everyone and even convince everyone to accept Krishna.

Yashoda gets worried for Amma when she doesn’t return and informs family that Amma went home saying she is feeling numb and hence went to have medicine. She asks Krishna to go and bring her back and if she is ill to stay with her and take care of her. Kamini asks Malti if she will put a condition on her daughter. Malti says Kamini ruined whole family and asks her to accept her condition if she wants to keep her secret. Malti agrees. Bansal asks Malti what is happening. Malti walks out. Bansal asks why was Malti taking jewelry. Malti says she was taking it for polishing, but she convinced her to postpone it. Krishna reaches to her and asks if she is fine. Malti says yes. Sonu insults Krishna and calls him illegitimate. Malti asks Sonu to ask Kamini if she wants to call Krishna as illegitimate. Sonu says Kamini herself taught him this. Malti asks him to go and check with her again. Kamini stands silent.

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Malti gets worried that Amma will expose her truth. Her inner voice emerges and tells her that Malti is her mother and would never reveal that her daughter’s child is illegitimate, so she can play her game. At night, family as dinner together. Suresh says he wants his family to have food together always. Bansal rushes to them and informs that Kamini left home leaving a letter. He says when she was taking jewelry out, he knew something is wrong. Arvind, Yashoda, and Krishna go out in search of her.

Kamini visits Randhir and informs him that she left home. She seeks his help in kidnapping Yashoda. Randhir asks why she left her husband and child so easily as he knows she would never leave that house Kamini says it’s personal and asks if he will help her or not. He agrees and thinks after finishing Yashoda, he will finish whole Gupta family.

Sonu insists to bring back his mother. Mahua tries to comfort him. Yashoda, Krishna, and Arvind return home and say they couldn’t find Kamini anywhere. Mahua accuses Yashoda of forcing Kamini to elope from home. Yashoda says there is nothing like that and assures her. Suresh questions Malti why Kamini left home and says he knows her well from 39 years. Malti lies to him.

Precap: Yashoda requests Kamini to return home. Kamini sprays a chloroform on Yashoda’s nose and kidnaps her. Randhir demands money from Suresh to free Yashoda.